How Eljay ruined Christmas

twas the night before Christmas all of the TTV cast members were fast asleep except Eljay who planned to ruin Christmas by breaking in of his TTV friends house’s and steal all of the red axle’s and blue pins in their new bionicle sets and replace them with black axle’s and pins to make ultimate confusion among his friends and left a note saying RED AXLE’S AND BLUE PINS ARE THE WORST. but little did the Eljay know when he got to Kahi’s house Kahi was awake so Eljay sore Kahi and ask why are you awake and then Kahi ask the exact same question and Eljay said well I going around all of the TTV cast member’s house and taking all the red axle’s and blue pin and replacing them with black axle’s and pins to make them all confused. so Kahi had to get all of the cast members awake and talk to Eljay and told him to stop complaining about the axle and pin colours but Eljay said NO and will continue to complain about them. So Kahi went to get some tape to shut Eljay up and forced him to give back all the pins and axles to his fellow cast members but he would never learn his lesson as he would take all the sets and threw them into a trash compactor. But it wasn’t until all of his TTV friends sat him down and explained to him why the red axle and blue are needed so Eljay bought them all new Bionicle sets and said sorry to his fellow cast members and to everyone that put hate on him and stopped conning the pin and the axle on all sets.

I hope you like my short Christmas story and merry Christmas everyone


Rather than lumps of coal in his stocking, looks like Eljay will be getting piles of red and blue axles


that’s pretty funny

Don’t forget the new yellow axles.


I forgot those were a thing. Lego is really trying to push awkward colors into sets ain’t they?

Lolz, #EljayHate

@JJBussey Ikr, really tho, why red n blue, I liked the old black axles, not a fan of the red, but blue and some times tan… I understand that.


But srsly, are we tho

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I think the new yellow axles are cool, but I hope they don’t completely replace the grey ones.

Oh sorry… didn’t know