How HALO should end

Hey everyone, so some of my friends and I have been thinking about how we believe the HALO franchise should end. Here’s my idea for how the campaign for the final game should end.

The game starts with a group of Spartans and ODSTs flying to Harvest in a Pelican. Their mission: locate the disturbance in an abandoned factory. When the head in, their HUDs suddenly shut off, needing them to use their lights to navigate their ways around. When they get to the center, there are tons of scattered robot bodies, with a red AI with robotic limbs shambling along. One of the Spartans asks what happened, the AI turns around to reveal who they are:


They raise their weapons, as she suddenly vanishes. The soldiers look around, as one suddenly has a cable wrap around them, rapidly pulls them into the air, screaming. The quickly look up, as the soldier’s broken helmet falls back down from the dark ceiling. One tries to contact the UNSC, only to see they can’t get a signal. Suddenly, that soldier gets pulled pulled into the darkness, followed with a Snap sound effect.

Two of the remaining soldiers open fire, only to have the camera pan to one of them, who suddenly has wires whip through him, slicing him into ribbons. Another one has his helmet get crushed, only to have another soldier have a steel beam collapse onto her. The final soldier, an ODST, starts running for cover. a glowing red hand bursts through the wall, grabbing him by the face, pulling him through the wall he’s leaning against. when he looks back up, a red Cortana looks at him, with her left arm being nothing but wires, pulls her arm into the air, and you see from his POV, the wires come slashing down and the screen goes black. She calls back to the UNSC, using the soldier’s voice patterns to call for help. You then see her walking away, humming. She looks at the wall, as the words “CHIEF MUST DIE” etched repeatedly on all the walls.

The next scene shows Chief and Blue Team fending off a squad of Brutes and Grunts, as Buck calls them, telling them there’s an emergency at UNSC and to return as soon as possible. When they get there, UNSC announces the disappearances of Ion team, (who was the group at the beginning of the game) and asks you to investigate. They get there, and you see the carnage, with the “Chief must die” scratchings on the walls, and they wonder who or what did this. As the game progresses, you find out things like that are happening on multiple planets, along with machinery, electronics, and armor malfunctioning on those locations. Suddenly it escalates to the point that Cortana hacks in to every screen and radio, revealing she is the one behind the attacks, as she then destroys a Flood colony. The UNSC asks the remaining Flood to take over the electronics in all of the armor, as they can replace the electronics with themselves, and need to form a symbiotic relationship with every living soldier, and everyone else who chooses to fight along the UNSC.

The final battle has the entire armada of UNSC soldiers invade Harvest, as you see Cortana has basically become Ultron, and can possess any electronic. As she mows down everyone she can, you see her shoot Chief in the chest. The game then goes into a cinematic, as a red Cortana starts to monologue about how selfish and stupid humans have always been. Suddenly, an energy sword exits through her chest, and the camera pans over shoulder, revealing a bleeding Master Chief, holding the handle of the sword. Cortana turns her head, and whispers, “Why?”. Chief looks at her, says, “I’m…Sorry…You… Left me…No…Choice…” as he gasps for breath. Cortana closes her eyes, and collapses to the ground, dead. The screen starts to fade, as you see through Chief’s blurry vision, paramedics arrive shouting, “Find any survivors!”.

You see them grab Chief, and load him onto a stretcher, and he pulls off his helmet. You look at him as he says, “The war… It’s over.” His body goes limp, and everyone stops. The UNSC reports an emergency broadcast to every screen, reporting the death of Spartan 117. The screen fades to black, and it says “40 years later”. It has a room with a chair in the middle, and a camera crew has all the remaining veterans sit down, and are asked about their memories of the day that Master Chief died. They each tell their stories, and it goes to the credits, as the audio continues. The credits end with a message thanking all those who have fought for their countries, and the liberties they have brought.

So what do you guys think?


Whoa nice ending. Really liked it a lot.


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Wow… Umm… Yeah this was a great ending. :smile_cat: