How I Would Have Designed The Makuta Mistika

I recently posted a rant about how non-insect accurate the Mistika Makuta are. It was taken down less than 24 hours later for being unfruitful discussion. So, I am going to make a better version of the aforementioned post, and actually talk about how I would improve them.

He would probably remain the most similar, but I would give him a five horned rhinoceros beetle inspired mask, and some of the Gorast wings under his elytra.

She would become a praying mantis and give it green and black versions of Krika’s mantis limbs. The back legs, however, would have feet, so you could more easily pose her. She would only have four limbs

He would become a butterfly. Seriously. I would give it an extra set of legs, and instead of having it’s current blades on the front, it would have wing blades. It’s proboscis would be the two shorter parts of a system dinosaur tale.


Krika as a butterfly?
Actually, I can see that. It makes more sense than flying away on his blades.


If I’m honest, your improvements aren’t really improving much. It’s basically just changing the insect.


Improving? These are more like opinions on what you would have liked, improving is very subjectical.

Edited title for clarity- Not lego master

And now IMO, the Makuta were fine as they were. They aren’t supposed to be exact replicas of insects, but just taking inspirarion from them with a tad of an alien thouch.


This sounds more like changing the insect they were inspired from.


I’d say krika would fit better as a spider or mosquito

Okay this I think sounds cool.

Eh okay I would’ve bought that.

This actually sounds cool. But I think he would be better as a spider or mosquito.

But in my opinion I like them the way there were. They were inspired by insects, they were not suppose to be insects.
Also Imagine if they did look exactly like this.
Yes I know this is a spider. And yes I know Spiders aren’t Insects, but they are similar enough.
A lot of Kid’s would be Scared of them, and wouldn’t ask their parents if they could have one. This would hurt Lego. I mean we have gotten some cool looking bug like things before, but they also didn’t look exactly like insect either.

Yes we did. And I thought he was based off a spider to begin with, the fact that he was based off a Preying Mantis is new to me.


Did we just thought the same? lel

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I original thought he was a spider too. Also, this is what I would specifically base him on : a devil’s flower mantis.


Yes I agree with you on that, he would of looked way better like that.

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That looks sick.

Also, i just realized he’d look awesome as a Tarantula hawk wasp.

AKA: A Cazador.


[Insert “I’m a beautiful butterfly” from a bugs life here]

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Well, I always thought of Krika as a water strider.

You know, four lanky limbs, floating above the water, that kind of things. :grin:


Huh. Yeah, that kind of makes sence when you think about it!

Hey it looks like it has some white on it to.