How long do you think NEXO Knights will last?

Seriously, how long do you think it’ll last? IMO, I think it ran way out of stuff to present in later waves. But in all honesty, that’s just me. I don’t know the goings on behind the scenes and the creative process of the team, but unless they get moar creative or get desperate, NEXO Knights probably might end very soon. But what do you guise think?

A line like this usually lasts three years at the very least. NK could receive a longer lifespan if it sells extremely well (ex. Ninjago), or could get a little bit of its time on shelves cut off if the line does horribly in stores (ex. BIONICLE G2).


Nexo Knights seems rather well received so I see it lasting at least two years.


Eh, we’re in a BIONICLE-oriented community, so it’s best to use the theme that most of the fans on here automatically think of first.

I’m not too sure about that. Ninjago isn’t exactly the most serious show in the world and it’s still running strong.

Heck, even one of LEGO’s most successful projects ever, The LEGO Movie, was pretty lighthearted.






I’m gueasing in total about 3 years. It’s popular but not Ninjago popular.

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At least three years. The sets are some of the best and everything seems well received among the fan base.


The only reason I say two years is that I don’t see the line of sets going far. Ninjago is tough compitition.

Tbh, I don’t know, it seems to be selling well, actually better than ninjago where I live from the stock I’ve seen, but I don’t think anyone here has a real idea of how long the line will last.

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I couldn’t find a single King’s Mech near me. At least we know a few sets are selling great.

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The Lego aisles of the walmarts in my area have significantly more shelf space given to nn. By which I mean a far wider range of sets.

Just a hunch, maybe kids are getting bored of ninjago?

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I personally didn’t see many sets go out of stock while wavemates lasted longer, at least in multiple stores.

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My area Walmart’s, y’know

Never got anything past the first wave of bionicle g2,
It’s all anecdotal evidence obviously, but I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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Do you remember Chima?

Nexo Knights feels like the mental successor to Chima.

A second-grade animated series with a warrior-like concept, CRAFTED to be a success before falling apart due to poor business decisions in its later days.

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Longer than G2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Three or more years.
It seems to be doing quite well.

This is probably from a lack of leaks that we can actually talk about at the moment. It happens to all themes, no matter their size.

Chima never really had that strong of a start. Honestly, almost everyone I’ve asked about it says they think the last year was the best. Nexo Knights has a strong start and hasn’t lost too much momentum.


Not to generalize the community, but I would say that most of us aren’t going to give a full on review for every episode of NK. However, a lot of us did give our thoughts on the full first season of the show and we’re probably going to do it again for season 2.

As for the app? I don’t really think there’s a lot to talk about. The only reason people on the boards were talking about the BIONICLE G2 games was because of the theme that surrounded them.

So? Nexo Knights isn’t a priority for the channel atm. That doesn’t mean the theme is doing horrible.

Hate to break it to you, but leaks play a large part in the activity of the community. It kind of goes like this:

  1. Wait for the leaks
  2. See the leaks and get hyped
  3. Wait for the sets to come out and keep your hype
  4. The sets from the leaks are out and your hype train reached its station
  5. Rinse and repeat

From what I’ve seen, this cycle has mostly stayed the same over the past decade or so.

Now I understand that you miss Chima and all, but to wish another theme like Nexo Knights to die because it isn’t it isn’t exactly the best thing to do.

Chima was doomed from the start because it just “killed” Ninjago, which already had a nicely sized audience. It’s kind of like HF in a way.

Chima wasn’t exactly the most cherished apple on the tree when it ended, which kind of let its predecessor to come in with very little to no harsh feedback from the LEGO community at large.


I give it five years at its current growth. Enough to give it a few more waves than what’s planned, but not enough for it to skyrocket like Ninjago.

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