How many Brick Separators Do you Have?

Brick Separators used to be a novel idea. Then Lego started putting them in almost every set, and while I get why they do that, it’s easy to get a lot of them if you’re a collector.

Digging through my room, I managed to scrounge up 12 of them. Probably have more lying around. How many do you have?


I got 5 orange ones and 1 green

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I’ve got 25 orange ones.


I’ve got around 6 orange ones and 1 green one.

I havn’t bought any large sets recently so the only one I have is an old green one from one of the master builder academy sets

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6 orange, 2 green, and a teal.

Gonna make a six-legged brick-seperator beast.


2 or 3 green, 1 in old grey, and 1 orange. Somewhere.

3 in orange

I’ve got the larger gray one from the 90s.



I’d probably say somewhere between 7 and 10 orange ones. But who needs brick separators?

Teeth and nails, baby, teeth and nails.


Lol, I can relate to that bad-yet-pretty-effective habit of brick separation methodology.:+1::rofl:


I have 12 in orange and 1 teal.

I only have 2, because I tried to make a MOC with them as part of the limbs, but that never came into fruition.

how many do I have? Im lucky if I can find one quickly.
how many do some people I know have?
well over 25

I want to say I have four or five, but I honestly haven’t counted in a long time.

Too many to count. And most of them are buried in my Lego shed.


Aye another person who has a shed to store their Lego!
Also idk how many separators I have probably 3 orange and one 80s green.


The funny thing is, a year and a half ago, my family was trying to reorganize and consolidate some of the stuff in our shed. So my parents bought a new shed for me to store all my Lego boxes in.

And even that might run out of room eventually.


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I have at least 7 orange ones.