How many of you like to do technical drawing?

You are living a nice life as a student, you like drawing, it’s awesome, you like art class, it’s awesome. Then… you start technical drawing. Boy oh boy. You have to be precise, accurate, every single line has to be the right thickness. You have to draw perfectly, if the paper becomes dirty you have to restart, if you mess up even by a millimeter the drawing is wrong.

As you can see, I don’t like it, I don’t find it fun and I don’t find it creative (Quite a bummer since I chose to do art in high school and I have a class only about it).

But enough about what I think, I want to know what you think.


By technical drawing do you mean drawing stuff like 1 and 2 point perspective? In general I do prefer being more precise, for example, I much prefer drawing on graph paper so that everything I draw is well proportioned and symmetrical, however, my art teacher hates when we use any lined paper.

Nope, I mean stuff like this

Strangely the only teacher that made us do perspective was the sculpture teacher, which banned the use of rulers and erasers and he made us use pencils that were at least 6B



oh snap


I used to do technical drawing, it was called DVC (design visual communication) and I enjoyed it for the most part. Maybe the names are different but we would do orthographic, isometric and plane view etc. it was definitely easier once I got a mechanical pencil-a lot more control. I still do a little bit for fun but not following all the standards such as using T square etc. Shame you don’t like it, I do understand that as sometimes the standard seems too high and that’s why I quit the subject-my teacher was quite difficult to please.

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I don’t like the whole ‘design process’ that we do at school (in the equivalent of technical drawing) because some times it’s helpful but other times it’s not because most of the time I already had my idea but I’ve got to make it look like I’ve had this whole process to get my idea when I’ve had it from the beginning, so yeah I don’t like technical drawing


oh gosh… I would want to learn how to do it, but I would never have the patience

I’ll just stick with drawing dungeons thank you

I did a bit of it for a GCSE course years ago. I thought it was mostly replaced by CAD now… or have I misunderstood?

technical drawing isn’t drawing for art purposes as much as it is for designing something that’s going to be used.
That’s why it’s so precise and, well, perfect. If you design a faulty part to go into a machine, then the machine could be faulty and hurt someone.
It’s the same thing with architecture.