How many Toa were there, maximum?

How many Toa were active at their height? Was the army commanded by Lihkan the sum of Toa active at the time of the Toa-Dark Hunter War, or were there still teams and individuals active during this time independent of Lihkan’s army? Over the history of the Toa, did any element stand out as more or less populous than the rest?

  1. We never established a definitive number.
  2. No. You never put all your forces into one army, because if you do, who protects your supply line and your rear bases?
  3. Not to my knowledge

Follow up to point one, is there a number that you can peg as an average?

My mind has just thrown me an abstract number of 252 as the amount of Toa active during the T/DH war, although I doubt the validity of that. The number during the final battle was closer to 50, and I’m pretty sure that that isn’t an abstract number randomly being thrown at me.

If I remember correctly, there was an upper limit established back in 2007 or 2008, but I think it was in a forum post that is now lost.

  1. 3000 Toa. (Source: Official Greg Discussion | Page 160)

On an off-note from that same source, you said less than 50 Toa were alive in 2007, and later stated in 2010 that a little over 40 were alive. Were more Toa made inbetween that time, or did simply very few die during Teridax’s Reign and the Battle of Spherus Magna? (Source: Official Greg Quotes | Page 2)

You also stated, half a year prior to the “little over 40” number, that about 57 Toa were alive. This contridicts the above… :thinking: (Source: Official Greg Dialogue | Page 298)


For anyone interested in seeing the original BZPower topic, here is the link:

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Assumedly just different estimates taken at different points from some vague idea he had of how many are left, but the timeline seems to be that there were less than fifty at the point of 2007, then more were made to bump it up to about 57, and now after Teridax’s Reign and the battle of Spherus Magna this size has been cut down to little over 40. Greg probably just addressed the issue as he saw it, and that his current word is what we should take note of. He’s only human, y’know :stuck_out_tongue: