How often do you watch sports?


Not often. Probably because I have no Cable TV. XD


I usually watch a lot of NBA Basketball, particularly the NY Knicks and the LA Lakers, but aside from that, not really into to any other sports very much.


I only watch the world cup to be honest

Sometimes I watch European Football, but only on occasion.

I would say world cup is a pretty big occasion as it only happens every 4 years (also just to say I am not from the us)

I don’t watch sports.

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Our eyes see everything.

I watch an average of 0 hours per week.

Nothing bores me faster.

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Usually only hockey ~Detox

I mainly watch baseball, because I’m a big baseball fan, but I also watch football.

I usually watch football (soccer), sometimes cricket and since the Commonweath Games are on now, I’ll be watching them.

I watch alot of hockey being a big Capitals fan. But I also watch international and junior hockey as well.

Occasionally watch Tennis and if we bet on the World Cup then I tend to watch, praying that the team I chose win, however I don’t really watch them much.

Do dota tournaments count?


I watch one or two Champions League matches a year, and the Finnish team’s matches in ice hockey World Championships. The only tournament I really pay attention to is the football World Cup.
The thing with me and sports is I can’t stand watching people play dirty (Suárez comes to mind, and the countless boxers in hockey).

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Sooo…Sean Avery?

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Every now and then I’ll watch hockey (I’d watch it more if the Red Wings weren’t sucking nowadays)

I don’t watch sports becuase I find them more boring than a physics lesson being told by a text to speech voice. Like soccer (Or foootball) They just kick a ball into a net. No one beats anyone else up, no one has any chemistry, no one even gets into an emmy winning argument. It’s just a bunch of fit dudes kicking a checker ball into the net. What’s to like?

The creative strategies and tactics, the impressive footwork, and the occasional half field shot

I enjoy soccer, but mostly just Liverpool, I like the Green Bay Packers (American football), and the MLB playoffs. The Sox are in the World Series this year which has me excited