How Old Are You?

Grats man.

"target audience" of 2001

I'd say the target audience of 2001 are mostly college to post college age students now. People in their early to mid 20s.


Seriously? You're a real outlier then

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Well you out aged me and the other early 90's to late 00's members.

I am old enough to realise that those who are 39 are not old, but rather that those who are 12-16 (that includes me) are quite young.

Praise those who are older then you, and respect your elders, for they have wisdom to offer, even if it may not be much.


I kind of fit into that audience, although I'm 17 rather than being in my 20's. Bionicle was one of my first toys ever and I don't think I can remember much before it, seeing as I was 2 years old when they first came out.

The weird part on top of the whole thing is that most people think I'm 14 or 15. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah you could be in your teens now and still remember bionicle seeing as the theme lasted for about a decade. I can't remember any themes from when I was 2 so that's pretty impressive.


I turn 16 in like 4 days, on the 15th.

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Im 19^^

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I'm 16, but a lot of people probably think I'm younger since I act stupid for no apparent reason.


Wow, a lot of people are younger than I thought... (as everyone has been saying)

I'm 17.


Im 15 but I grew to with old bionicle and then found out about the new suff


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Oh, I've been 17 for a while now, guess I'll update this

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dang it seems i haven't updated my age here for a while so uh, i'm 15

I'm 16, worst age I've been in my life

welp i'm 16 now


Happy Birthday. :tada:

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Have some cake!

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