Let's Celebrate Our Birthdays!

When it’s your birthday, we all want you to have a great day. So why not celebrate with us on the TTV Message Boards? When it’s your birthday, why don’t you tell us, and we can all give you birthday messages on your special day to make it even more awesome. Happy Birthday :smiley:


So when it’s our birthday we post it here?

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That is the general idea.

Typically in forums and what-not there’s a thread like this.

Depending on things, I may Pin it, may not.

Really comes down to where we are on the Sliding Scale of Fanbase to Community.


Good timing. As of tomorrow, I am legally old enough to… actually, I don’t gain anything.


We need to hunt down someone and throw a birthday party :stuck_out_tongue:


This topic is useless to anyone who does not know when they were born. I’m looking forward to see what happens in this topic, though.


No! Don’t hunt me…


It’s too late, @Helryx08, we have found you. SURPRISE!


this thread is dead until the next birthday

I wait with baited breath


Not for me.

My birthday isn’t for eleven months or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Birthday’s in a month and 25 days!
(January 3rd, to be exact)


Nice man. Can’t wait for it. My birthday isn’t too far away from yours. BIONICLE 2015 is the best birthday present ever in my opinion. What do you think, @Takua?

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That’s the plan! Number 1 priority: Bonkle 2015

My birthday was celebrated in Japan, 21st of September.
My friends and still yet to even say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” even though, If I can’t show up to their celebration or what-ever, I immediately follow up with a hug, an apology and a present with as normal, home made card.

And not having a celebration for it is NOT a legit excuse, I mean I used to go out of my way to get everyone presents and cards and stuff when I was younger, I never forgot a birthday in my class, I made sure they had a fantastic time. Then I get spat in the face. I mean, they even thought my birthday was a month after at one point!
Then the name miss-spellings on the card, even when you go up for a school award for getting House captain, SLAP IN THE FACE. Miss-pronounced name. Go to Japan? Cool, let’s miss-spell your name on the name tag you have.

Meh, Happy birthday to you guys also! In-case I can’t make it on this thread on your birthday and such!



It’s mah birthday.


And my birthday just happens to be right when Bionicle 2015 is slowly making its way onto store shelves.

Prays for $180 to fall from the sky…

Also I don’t have school today for some strange reason. I have school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, but not Monday or Friday.

IT’S A CHRISTMA -I mean birthday- MIRACLE!


That’s so great to hear! I’m glad that even though BIONICLE is supposed to be coming in January, we are all able to get some sets right now. Which set will you get first, I may wonder? Happy birthday, man. :smile:

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Happy Yellow Birthday!

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throws kyoryuger cake at Kyoryu

Enjoy your birthday!



I’m thinking of getting the Masters first, then the Protectors, and then the Lord of Skull Spiders last.

Not sure about the specific order, but I’m either getting Tahu or Onua first.


Thanks! :smiley:


If only I could get my face -I mean hands- on one!



Ruby is red.
Kyoryu is too.
Your face is a mouth.
Your birthday’s not gone south.