How scary are Makuta to Matoran and Toa?

Hey everyone! I was wondering, in your opinion how scary would you say in the Bionicle world Makuta would be to Matoran and Toa and other beings? Is it like horror story monsters of today or demons etc where they are quite terrifying to beings other than themselves? Just curious. Thanks for your time!


they would’ve been regarded as pretty scary after the Archives Massacre. But before that the Matoran probably wouldn’t have cared- and unless i’m mistaken them not respecting the Makuta was one of the reasons why Teridax started his plan in the first place.


That makes sense, I was reading a part in the book where Vamprah is called “Terror of the Matoran” and came to that thought, are Makuta terrifying to Matoran and others? I mean they are basically considered evil after their betrayal and have been known to kill with little provocation and even hunt Matoran (in Vamprah’s case) as well as the fact that they are literally beings of shadow/darkness probably makes them more frightening to those that know of them.


I’d say Makuta were like the Skeksis in dark crystal age of rebellion.

They were an organization that held respect in the world and were even revered in their regions. But were not the most revered. Thra/mata nui was highest. Skeksis did succeed where makuta failed and became rulers.

And they were also secretive and kept to their own company. They rarely left their casttle, like makuta.

They became corrupt by darkness but kept it hidden as long as they could.

They had knowledge only they knew and never shared with anyone outside their order.

There were also infamously cruel members that everyone knew to stay away from. Skekmal the hunter was feared through the land similarly to gorast/icarax.

It was said somewhere that matoran of tren krom peninsula feared her wrath.

So Makuta were feared/respected but were seen as servants of the light. But kept to themselves most of the time and they had famous members like Gorast Who were feared. Edit: makuta names were secret so she was probably known as makuta of Tren krom peninsula publickly.

After their betrayal became public knowledge they became hated.

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