How Takanuva probably should have looked

So while thinking about Bionicle I realized something weird. So as you may know the Toa Mata would have looked like the Toa Metru (As in they would have had Metru bodies.) But seeing as they floated in the sea around Mata nui for years their muscle tissue rotted and they fell apart so they had to rebuild them selves when they washed up on Mata nui so obviously they where weaker and skinnier than they should have been. Now remember that because it’s important. Ok so I have heard people complain about Takanuva automatically being a Toa nuva because he never got bathed in energized protodermis. So that means Takanuva should look like a Toa Mata nope. Similar to how Takanuva never got bathed in energized protodermis he never sat in a canister floating in the sea for years either! So that means Takanuva should have looked like a Toa Metru! Is this correct or am i stupid? Should Takanuva be a whole new type of Toa since he is a new type of matoran ?(Since the turaga revamped them)


No. When turning into a Toa, the Matoran will take the shape of the way they think a Toa looks like. Since he viewed the Toa Nuva as the Toa, he took the form of a Toa Nuva.


Oh didn’t know that.


It’s alright. Many people don’t know these facts about BIONICLE. That’s why they call me the Chronicler!


Wait imagine if a matoran from Voya nui who believed the Piraka where Toa became a toa (Idk why he/she would) and they looked like a Skakdi.


I know, right? They would have looked like spiny versions of Toa.


Yeah the matoran would be like “Yay I’m a Toa” (Uses his/hers powers to travel to a new island/ city) “Don’t worry matoran I’m here to help!” matoran: “KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!”


I can see this sparking some interesting discussion…


What if a Matoran didn’t know what a Toa looked like and became one? Is there a default template for a Toa?

(not sure if this discussion should continue here or we’re supposed to make a new topic about it, since it has swayed from the original point.)


I dunno, there probably is. Most likely they’ll become something like the Toa Mata or Toa Metru, mostly because we saw a lot of Toa in those forms.


Most likely that, although I’d assume the Metru form over mata. Only because the Toa Mata were created by Artahka.


Yeah, I totally agree with that. Metru Toa is the default Toa.


I wonder what form Helryx has. Metru form?

I’ve always envisioned Helryx looking something similar to Mistika Gali – mostly due to the fact that the Mistika Gali set was the newest Toa of Water set at the time and Helryx was introduced then.

If a Matoran has no idea what a Toa looks like, but becomes one, they will probably assume a “default” Toa form, similar to the Metru.
It is theorized that there are limits to the “perception-transformation” effect, so a Voya Nui Matoran would likely look very strange, but not exactly like a Skakdi.
Helryx likely has some sort of prototype-Metru form.


Actually, I’ve envisioned Helryx as a Titan, about the same size as Brutaka, or Takanuva (2008).

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Yeah, I definitely think Metru would be the default form, considering we’ve already seen three teams (Hagah, Mangai, and, well, Metru) and of course there’s likely many more. Also, how do you think the different Toa would compare size-wise? Obviously ‘Inika-build’ sets are larger by default than builds such as Metru and Nuva, but how about story wise?

They’re all relatively the same at roughly 1.6 bio. The set builds don’t really contribute to the actual story size.

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Thought as much. And ‘bio’?

Ah, yes. The standard for matoran measurement. 1 bio = 4.5 feet. So 1.6 bio would roughly come out to 7 feet. (7.2 to be non-lazy and exact) I think a matoran is 1 bio tall.