How tall is Karzahni?

I wondering how tall the Karzahni set was standing straight so I can compare it to my MOC of his original form.

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I would’ve taken pictures if I still had him assembled…

I think he was about Maxilos height? Maybe a bit shorter. He’s quite wide but also rather squat.

He definitely ain’t maxilos height

I don’t own him, so I went to the box pictures to check. According to the pictures, he’s about 2x the height of a Mahritoran, making him around the size of Takadox, or other tall characters, like Nuparu Mahri.

I may be wrong though, because the only “matoran” I have from '07 is Morak, so all of my estimates may be somewhat off.

According to brickapedia, Karzahni stands 10.5 inches (27 centimeters) tall, so a little taller than a standard inika build (8.75 inches or 22.4 centimerers).

This said, I don’t have the set to confirm.


Thanks for the information! my MOC comes a little short of him then but oh well, close enough.

(P.S my Karzahni stands at about 9 inches/23 centimeters.)