How to capture the essence of Bionicle in words

So earlier today I was trying to explain how awesome Bionicle was to someone who had never heard of it, to do this I started trying to explain just what made Bionicle so cool.

Needless to say I failed, cause it's hard. So then I drew this picture-doodle!

However, it didn't work. Sure it impressed the person, like all my stuff does, but a simple doodle of a toa can't do what words can.

So I ask you: How does one capture the essence of Bionicle in words? For the life of me I couldn't convey to this person why Bionicle was so cool.


"Gathered friends, this is not simply a story. This is a tale of the BIONICLE".

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Well, it's like understanding an ENTIRE FRANCHISE in words. I could explain Halo, and i'd be talking for hours about the Master Chief's adventure, explaining just about any and all side events. With Bionicle, talk about its main things like the whole matoran toa turaga thing. I think that is what will work.

It's truly impossible. You need to read through the books, and watch the movies. Play the games and build the sets. You need to get involved to really understand.



Show him this video

I know you said words, but this works better

Actually, this is one of the worst videos to show a new learner, because it spoils EVERYTHING, and all of the heroic sacrifices are completely ruined.
It just doesn't seem right for someone to know that the Matoran universe is inside Mata Nui before they learn what the word "Rahi" means.


Hah, or throw the books at him
Im sure he will learn all the stuff
By getting books thrown at his face


Ask that person what he likes most. Tell him Boinkle is three-thousand times more epic.

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Repeat this to them:

Do you like robots? Do you think robots are cool? Do you think General Grievous style robots are cool? You know the ones that have organic parts in them. If you answered no to any of these questions, you are a scrub (don't say that, but silently think that).

You say yes? Good job, now you need to know about a franchise that was originally built for kids but has now been over run by older people because they had five years to grow up during its absence. In the time before time, there were 6 mystical general grievous style robots that fell from the sky and were tasked with poaching animals for their faces. After freeing the island from the savage animals they confronted the evil that was controlling them. Along the way they found other faces that gave them powers and used those faces to defeat the evil that was planning on controlling the universe.

After that in order to keep the story going they had to do all the cliché stuff that happens when there is a "sequel" to something. The animal-poaching "heroes" get upgrades and are tasked with fighting another evil. At the time at least the second evil was considered evil, but everyone just ignores that. Not only that but the second evil are just glorified sponges. That is part of why BIONICLE is so innovative, no one would think that sponges would be a good idea for an enemy. Anyway, They need to find brains this time in order to defeat the evil. As if faces weren't disgusting enough. They use the brains in order to defeat the sponge queens and save the villagers again.

Was any of that interesting to you? Yes? Good you are now a member of the BIONICLE community. Now have fun spending days on BionicleSector01 researching BIONICLE so that you are up to speed with everyone else.

So clearly I didn't spend much time on BS01 but the new fans you all will recruit with this amazing technique sure will. Thank you for reading this long post.



That's my answer.


"Do you love robots? No? Nor do they"


"Always ask your parents permmission before going online"


"Each set sold separately"







Everytime you reply to one of my joke posts I will punch a kitten in the face.


I like how you correct the misspelling and miss the missing apostrophe right next to it.

@BeefJStag cat2 here.


I should really stop using an iPAD to type here and go use my keyboard and new PC.

So what I type, actually ends up in the post.

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I still don't understand how people can stand the mobile version of this site.

Oh crap, it seems like we're drifting off-topic again...



The essence of bionicle

Now instead of making stupid jokes

I will legit tell you what bionicle is

its a story bout biomechanical beings who go to an island to awaken a guy do stuff, kill a guy, kill more things, kill a guy again, then learn about the past or some stuff then the really cool parts where these other 6 biomechanical beings go to another island rek some new enemy skrubs get a mask of life from a spider and insane dude then go underwater get the mask again, get transformed, one dies or something, some 3 badguys get blind, while the original 6 guys come back, fight in the skies, kill some guys, save some guys, go to the swamp, awaken the big guy, find out they live in a robot, the guy they awakened gets sent to a desert planet, while the bad guy takes control of the robot, while on planet some uninteresting stuff happens, tuma tuma, gets shot in back, blah blah who cares, now good guy takes control of a small robot almost gets rekt, sends armour to one of the original guys, original guy turns into an ugly version of his original form, temp distracts the bad dude, and the good guy wiiiins

then good guy goes to sleep again

The end.


Semi-serious short answer: Lord of the Rings meets The Last Airbender with General Grevious.

Serious long-ish answer: It is the epic saga of biomechanical beings with elemental powers seeking out a way to revive their cursed and sleeping physical deity. It's a great saga on a massive scale, and beautifully blends science fiction with fantasy and mythological aspects, particularly in the first few years. If that sounds interesting, read the books before anything else. Once you have finished reading them, read Faber Files.

Alternate answer: Show them this video.