How to get the Breakout Game Working?

Does anyone here know how I can get the old Hero Factory Breakout game to work again? Biomedia Project has it, but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me with it?


I couldn’t find it on BioMediaProject. Can you please share a link for it? Maybe I can get it to work, if I acquire it. Wanted to play it since the very end of 2012.


Here is the link:

I myself was trying to get it to work a while ago, hopefully someone knows how

I believe it’s a Unity game, right? Or flash, can’t remember.

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it’s not flash, it was 3d, i think it was unity, but the unity web player doesn’t work on chrome


I’ve done it. Yes, unity does not work in some browsers. But it works in intrnet explorer and I’ve just downloaded the game from BioMediaProject and opened launcher in it. Also, I’ve downloaded Unity from the oficial site. Progress is not to be saved, no Core Hunter, Speeda Demon or Voltix + you need to manage to say that you are not logging in at the very start or it won’t proceed any furhter. I said “manage” because you do not see what Zib is saying and can only “click” using “enter” and navigate using either arrows or “A, W, S, D”. Well, not a great solution, but it was nice to hear the music and look at the picture once more. I think that those problems are in very code that is posted on BMP, so there is no real way to solve them.