How To Make Lego Transformers

I'm bored so I decided to make a simple tutorial about making Lego Transformers so I guess without further a dew:

Step#1: Buildup a collection of joints and specialized pieces.

Step#2: Practice making simplistic cars. Example:

Step#3: Spend 3 years (Time may vary) "studying" techniques used by popular Lego Transformers MOCists such as Brickunion758, (Might have got the numbers wrong) Ixroloutix, Starscreame20 Etc.

Step#4: While "studying" slowly try to integrate the techniques into your designs.

Step#5: Find a comfort zone. Do you like making miniature Legoformers like IxrolloutIx and Starscreamer20 or do you like making larger Legoformers like BWTMT or 97LegoManiac?

Step#6: Practice, practice, practice, practice and some more practice

I might have forgot some steps but I think that's it. Bye!


Also, try to incorporate colors.
(I learned that the hard way)
don’t be afraid to follow one style or another for a while until you get the hand of it!
build whatever transformers you feel comfortable with, then work your way to the harder ones.