How to remove super-glue from LEGO parts?

I have some self-fixed Bionicle and System parts that are glued. What do I use to remove the glue and disconnect the parts without harming them? Will standart anti-glue be okay? Have you done it by yourself?


I’ve never messed heavily with glue on LEGO, but I have glued or added varnish to some action figures. The way I remove glue and stuff from them is warm water, and if it’s especially stuck, then disinfectant wipes or anything along those lines. I take care not to use too much as it might corrode my figures if I use too much disinfectant, but with LEGO that’s not as heavy of a concern (still wash it as with anything after disinfectant usage though, to neutralize pH) because LEGO’s plastic has been consistently high in quality.

With anti-glue, I’m not sure its application on plastic would be a good idea. From JANG’s tutorial on cleaning bricks/LEGO, he has to use diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean his bricks and restore their color. Though LEGO is durable, I wouldn’t risk any chemical that has yet to be proven to work with LEGO.

If the parts are actually “stacked” or actually clasped together and then glued, I don’t think there’s much you can do besides really hot water. No boiling water though, that’s bad. There’s always BrickLink for replacement pieces. Good luck!

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Well, actually I am exactly that case with glued togehter parts:( Thak you for your reply. I can’t buy some pieces on Bricklink because there very few sellers in my country and buying abroad is unavailable for me.

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