How To Train Your Dragon topic

Because apparently this topic doesn’t exist yet. I’m honestly pretty surprised.

This is just a general discussion topic for the franchise as a whole. Books, movies, shows, comics. All of it can be discussed here.

Let’s start with talking favorite dragon species, just to get discussion going.


I used to watch the television series when I was little, and have seen both of the movies. I prefer the second one, as most of the characters are well established from the first movie, so we can get right into the plot. Also, my favorite dragon is Fishleg’s dragon, for its unique desigin.

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Meatlug the gronckle. A nice pick for a favorite.

As for me, one of my favorites would be the red death. (The huge dragon from the first movie)

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Huh. I always thought that dragon was a sandy blue.

Also, Stoick dying in the second movie was really sad, especially since they had just gotten the family back together. On an unrelated note, what do you think the possibilities are for a third movie?


It’s also called the green death. Both names are a reference to the first book.

Agreed. That really hit hard for me.

There were actually was a plot synopsis for the third fill a while ago. It’s vauge enough that I wouldn’t consider it super spoiler-y, but I still won’t post it here. You can find videos about it if you just search YouTube for “Httyd 3”

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I’m a fan of the books even though I’m yet to finish them, the audio books were good as well, the movies were incredible and I don’t really have a preference. I’m not a big fan of the series though.


I love this franchise. When the first film came out in 2010 (dang, I’m old) it resonated with me as I was basically Hiccup when I was in middle school. No friends, social outcast, etc. Only difference was I had both my legs and didn’t have a dragon as a pet, but anyway…

I quickly became enamored by the film and didn’t stop thinking about it for days, so I was very happy when Riders of Berk came out so I could continue the adventure. When the second movie and Race to the Edge were coming out, it resonated even further with me, because Hiccup was in a state of not wanting to grow up and leave his responsibilities behind, and I was in the same place since I was almost done with High School. Even though it’s a fantasy franchise filled with dragons, evil vikings, and sheep, it’s remained very relateable for me, and I’m very excited to see how it will wrap up.

Google to the rescue. Excited that it’s coming out, but gotta wait a whole year, yet.


I enjoyed both of the movies a great deal, and I’d say they’re by far some of the best DreamWorks has made. (The only real competition is Prince of Egypt, but I digress)

I read all of the books but the last one several years ago, haven’t had access to a library since then, so I haven’t been able to catch up to date.

I saw most of the earlier shows, but they didn’t really leave much of an impression on me.


If you have Netflix, I recommend watching Race To The Edge. I think it’s done significantly better than the two shows before it.


I saw the first season or so, it was pretty alright, I just can’t remember much from those shows.


I’ve seen both of the movies and thoroughly enjoyed them; I’m really excited to see that we’re getting a third.


I. Just. Love. It.
I can say much more. I am a very very big fan of the shows and movies. I tried twice to make a real life replica of the Book of Dragons, but there were always more dragons so I gave up for now (although I may start again this holiday).
When I was young, I and a friend were playing with cheap McDonalds toys. It was great.


Set topic to revive and grill over a slow fire.



so excited


This looks like it’ll probably be a good movie.

Oh hi blue eyes white dragon.

Hype for HTTYD 3


That flipping intro! That intro hurt me! They actually said the lines from the book! All of this! Everything! Oh my god! Its too much! I am literally in tears right now!

I honestly can’t comprehend everything that I just watched. I can’t even bring myself to watch it again. I honestly can’t believe this is actually happening.

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I just love the design and concept of night furies. They’re sick.

##I am literally more hipped about this movie than with Avengers 4.

And I’ve also decided that the next book I want to buy is the original HTTYD book.