How would I go about modelling a bonkle mask or piece?

Dear mask makers and 3D modellers alike,
I finally got a computer that can run blender and I wanted to ask you: have you got any tips that could help me model my first mask? How would I start? Maybe you want to share the process with us peasents so that I (and the other people that are interested) can start as soon as possible and pimp my bonkles to the next level

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This document should detail just about everything that goes into 3D modeling a mask:

Feel free to ask me questions at any time.

Thank you!

This is marvellous, I’m just starting to look into this myself. Thank you! (and KhingK)

So, I read the whole thing and I noticed that the program used in the document is blender 2.79. Would you suggest using that or should I use the courrent version (2.9)? If so how much of this document is translateable to 2.9?

Most of my experience comes from 2.79 so much of the tutorial applies for 2.79. Many of the techniques should be similar in later versions. I would stick to 2.79 since it would be a lot easier for me to offer assistance since I am not too familiar with the later versions.

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