How Would You Fix the Metru Flaws? (Post Your Solution)I know

Hi everyone! I’m Mar, and as you all know the Metru Build is considered one of the best Bionicle builds ever!

But even the best build has flaws . . . So, what would you do to fix those? C’mon, post your solutions and images, and have fun trying new techniques and being creative! (If you don’t own a Metru, you can do it with LDD)

I managed to lock the gears!

A little comparison

I know it’s not the best looking, but it does the job!

It works pretty well for picture-taking


Personally,I’d replace the stoppers in the connection to the torso with gears to bulk it up a bit.I would showcase it in image form,but I sadly do not own a toa metru.

I’d probably integrate a little of the right techniques the Masters used for their functions (using extra gears for friction and attaching balljoints, not just the sockets, to the ends).


I didn’t know, I discovered it in the Inika vs metru topic

the flaws I see are the arms being not able to move, and the open ball joint in the shoulder, which lego tried to cover but they failed

Friction. The gears needed more friction.


while I would say the Metru Build is flawed
I think the main problem is that it does not have that Much in the way of customisation
only leg height and head posture

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How limited they are. I’d give them factors that actually make them somewhat customizable.

My main issue would the gear system and arms. Had the gears been given more friction and the shoulders retooled to allow poseability, I wouldn’t have any problems with the sets.

Perhaps for integrating more shoulder articulation, they could’ve go something along the lines of this.

It’s something I’ve seen extensively used with MOCs utilizing the Metru build and it works well.


That one right there’s pretty good, do you have a complete Metru with that technique? Or just the shoulder?

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I like this idea.

Like others have said, I like going with the technique of using a balljoint, a “hand” piece to connect to the torso, and a long technic axle so you can add front armor and keep friction for the arms.


Personally, I just remove the two arm gears on the inside of the chest, insert one of those angled, Mata neck pieces (I think it’s the one with the number 4 etched onto the side), and use the center axel to hold it in place.
That way, you can just build shoulder joints similar to the ones the Masters use in their gearboxes, construct the arms however you like, and not have to worry about any extra bits on the back aside from additional detailing and armor.

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That is literally exactly what I do! Mixed with the hand-shoulder joints, it works great. Though, it does sacrafice the function, but I’m 100% OK with that.

Same here.
True, but it’s not like Vakama needed one anyway. Swinging his Disk Launcher around sort of looks a little ridiculous in my opinion.


Just stumbled on this topic, and I think I have a way to just add some friction. Take all the axles out of the holes in the gearbox section, and put some super glue on the inside of the hole. Flatten it with a q-tip, wait to dry, then reconstruct the figure. I haven’t tried it myself, but I have seen others do a similar method with other Bionicle modifications.

Definitely adding some armor to the torso in the vain if the Hagah helps a lot.

With the modified posable arms with the use of the balljoint with connectir method, you are left with a awkward hole between where the new connectionis and where the arm is. To fix this simply put a 1x1 large tile piece of your choosing and it fixes it.