How would YOU have done Bionicle: Stars?

So, how would you have run the final wave for Bionicle? You have no budget restrictions, no limit, all you know this MUST work with the story and have the Golden Armour Gimmick.

So, tell me everything!

For reference, here is an example/how I would have conducted Stars,

I was hoping for this line to reinvoke all Nostaligia, and have the Golden pieces work as an armoury from the Titan Villain and the Heroes, with each Small set released in a 2 set, and 3 Mata in a set, and the Twin Titan Set being a Mata Nui Robot and Makuta Robot, all the smaller sets where designed for Army building, exception of the Toa and Takanuva set.
Each Golden Armour was meant to duel as extra armour for each set.
Vakama (Metru) - Small Size - Golden Disk Launcher

Vahki - Small Size - Golden Disk Launcher - Projectile Weapon? -2 PACK WITH VAKAMA

Hali (Mahri) - Small Size - Golden Melee Weapon

Barraki? - Small Size - Golden Melee Weapon - 2 PACK WITH HALI

Matau (Hordika) - Small Size - Golden Body Armour

Visorak - Small Size - Golden Body Armour. - 2 PACK WITH MATAU

Nuparu (Ignika) - Small Size - Golden Shoulder Armour 1

Bohrok - Small Size - Golden Shoulder Armour 1 - 2 PACK WITH NUPARU

Hewki (Ignika) - Small Size - Golden Shoulder Armour 2

Piraka - Small Size - Golden Shoulder Armour 2 - 2 PACK WITH HEWKI

Nuju (Metru) - Small Size - Golden Leg Armour (X2)

Roodaka - Small Size - Golden Leg Armour (X2) - 2 PACK WITH NUJU

Takanuva - Medium Size - Golden Staff

Rahkshi - Small Size (X2) - Golden Kraana - 3 PACK WITH TAKANUVA

Lewa, Gali, Kopaka - Medium Size - 3 PACK - GOLDEN MASKS

Tahu, Pohatu, Onua - 3 PACK - GOLDEN MASKS

Mata Nui Robot - Titan Size (But Smaller then Makuta)

Makuta Robot - Titan Size

That’s just my idea, but share yours here!


I always thought bionicle would end with something similar to stars.
and by that I mean bringing back their six greatest sets, making them and selling them one last time.
In fact it was pretty common desire among the fans.

But here’s the kicker: we thought they were going to be (get this) bigger than their origionals. not smaller. Titan sized, not matoran sized.

You can imagine the disapointment that followed.


I had a similar idea a while back. I’m pretty sure my lineup consisted of
Makuta (Melding Universe) (Because no one from 2002 would make a good Star set)
Matau Metru (with the idea that since the Rahaga rebecame Toa, the Turaga could too, if Mata Nui’s need was great enough)
Kopaka Nuva
with Roodaka and Makuta being Titans, this would have been a great lineup, representing exactly what made each year so great.


First off, I would have made them standard sized sets, not Matoran sized, and the sets I would like are as follows:

Tahu (Mata)
Iruni (or other, unreleased Toa Hagah)
Rahkshi (The yellow one but full scale)
Takanuva (But Gold!!)
Hewkii (Inika or Mahri)
A new colored Piraka
An unreleased Makuta


I would have made them a little bigger but just under the Inika size.

Tahu Mata
Matoro Inika

When all combined together they create the great robot spirit, Mata Nui!

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What if the Stars Line actually introduced the CCBS System?

Why not revisit how the story itself was run?

I would have the finalized story run for a full year, and instead of Mata Nui running the prototype robot, he would have had to lead the resistance fighters inside the MU and the inhabitants of Bara Magna in a seemingly impossible task of fighting the Makuta in his own body, ultimately going all the way to Metru Nui to purge Teridax from the mind of the Matoran Universe. They would succeed, but then Makuta would somehow gain control of the Prototype robot (which would be LARGER than the Matoran Universe and have elemental powers) and, instead of a fistfight, Mata Nui would have to unite with the people in his body, who could combine their elemental powers in one final attempt to defeat the Makuta, who ends up collapsing in on itself and forming a gravitational field that Mata Nui manipulates to reform Spherus Magna.

Wave 1:

Small sets: Three Matoran (Metrutoran, Av-Matoran, and VoyaToran). My personal picks would include Piruk and Solek, because they’re two of my favorite sets, but anything would work. They would be opposed by a Bohrok Va (who like all villains of this wave would gain some of the Makutaverse power), a Shadow Matoran, and maybe a rogue Agori.

Medium Sets would include Gresh, but include of a Toa Mahri as well (Hahli would work) and a different member of the Toa Mata (Lewa?) opposed by a Barraki, Skrall, and Piraka. Titan sets of the first wave would include Tahu versus a Visorak (that would be the special set for the Golden Armor) and a new villain, the evolved Rahkshi. Wave 2 would include more heroes and villains (perhaps Gali, Jaller, Ackar, another Barraki, a Shadow-controlled Bohrok, and another Visorak, plus store-exclusive Artakha and Karzahni sets and a UCS Matoran Universe Robot set to cap it off, with building instructions for customization into Mata Nui and the Prototype Robot.


I probably would have avoided making them agori sets.


The first wave would be six matoran, 1 agori.
Nuparu (Mata Nui)
Rebuild Kopeke
Mahri Jala(know it’s not canon)
Green Bahrag with three bohrok and one Va(one kal and two regulars(one color krana, but all 8 types are there to collect))
Second Wave
Purple Makuta and Rahkshi(all seven stages, but you have to collect them)
Rahi(infected kanohi)
Toa Kaita Pack (can be the Mata’s, Mahri/inika, or metru even if some of those aren’t canon)
Boxor and Exo-Toa


Keep the original 6 sets but make them titans/larger Toa’s and incorporate gear functions.

First, I would have split it up into a full year/standard set # deal. If you are going to end something, the least the finale should get is what every other year gets.

Wave 1
6 Small Canisters
Turaga Vakama
Metus(In serpent form)
Blue Vahki
Black Visorak
Golden Bohrak-Va

6 Regular Canisters-3 good guys vs. 3 villains. Each have a golden part.
Pohatu Nuva(modified from his phantoka build.)
Hahli Mahri
Toa Kaulus
Ehlek(Breathing equipment)

Wave 1 Titans
Roodaka-$20(Flip flops loyalty)
Nidikhi and Krekka-$30(Makuta restored them because he did not directly require their abilities anymore)

Wave 2 canisters-comes with 6 Golden armour Peices
Tahu-Has Classic Hau and Flame sword but the Mistika Shield.
Nuparu Inika
Krika(Reformed in one of the Order of Mata Nui’s attempts to overthrow Makuta. Goes rogue.)
Vezok(Vezon blasted the Gold Skinned being with the SoF, reversing that stupid decision and restoring the Piraka to their Iconic forms.)
Golden Bohrak-Kal (Avhok)

Wave 2 Titans
Takanuva and Ussanui* $30
Onepu and Boxor $20
Vezon and Fennrak $30
Kopaka’s modified Jetrax T-6 $50
Makuta Teridax-$70(The answer to Toa Mata Nui)

*Takanuva comes with a Golden MoL and with the Ussanui can be clad in the golden armour of the canister sets to lead the charge against the forces of evil.


First off, I would have made them titans rather than tiny sets. Second, I would have had two waves; nine to represent each major year and then three others as new characters we hadn’t had released before.

2001: Tahu (Red)
2002: Bohrok (Green)
2003: Heat-Vision Rahkshi (‘Brown’)
2004: Vahki (Red)
2005: Visorak (Green)
2006: Nektann (Blue)
2007: Pridak (White)
2008: Revised Takanuva (White)
2009: Skrall (Black)
Other: Toa Tuyet (Blue)
Other: Toa Bomonga (Black)
Other: Golden-Skinned Being (‘Brown’)

Third: I would also have an exclusive, special-edition Voriki set, only halfway as a joke.


There would be no Bionicle Stars.

I’ll think up of something later.


I would want only one set : OMEGA TAHU WIELDING A HUGE SHIELD AND FIRE SWORD , RIDING A DINOSAUR WITH MASCHINEGUNS AND FLAMETHROWERS.The set would include a mini LR DVD for Tahu to crush and a canonizer.


Here is how I would do it: 6 winter sets, 3 heroes and 3 villians, and 6 sumer sets, to the same effect. The Winter sets would be, like, $10 and Summer sets $15.

Brown Rahkshi
White Borahk

Blue Visorak


For my plan to work, Lego couldn’t have released titan mata nui.

Titan mata nui.
Titan makuta teridax.

Each comes with six minifigs, toa mata for mata nui, then a bohrok, rahkshi, skakdi, skrall, visorak, and vortixx for makuta.

After that, a minifig line is released, one minifig for every bionicle character.

Sooo, the hole series would have an army man feel.


Takanuva would have been Gold + White, instead of Silver + White. That was a huge disappointment considering I lost my Avokhii when I moved from my old house.


I would have had the last year be the toa and matoran having to team up and fight inside of Teridax, while Mata Nui and Teridax fought it out. You’d have a big Makuta and Mata Nui, then probably a Tahu, one of the Mahri, and some new toa, along side a couple of matoran, some new and some old. This would be a good way to introduce new characters who worked off of the classics we love. The villians would be a rahkshi of some kind, maybe a shadow rahkshi, and possibly some kind of dark hunter. This would also end bionicle better story wise, by making the end fight have more weight and danger, and having our heroes play a greater hand in Makuta’s defeat.


I would keep the mini Bionicle Stars as a side and have a 30$ playset with a Makuta and Mata Nui as Toa-sized sets included, as well as minifig versions of all the stars. I’d also throw in some catapults/mini-blockades for both good and evil sides to further convey the illusion of a full-blown “war”.

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Or would he be black and blue?


I feel exactly the same way. I was somewhat expecting something like Stars - but I didn’t realize they’d be so small. I don’t really care if they only released six sets, but I would have preferred them to be Titans.