How would you improve G1?

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How would you improve G1? What would you do differently, what would you add, and what would you remove?

We are all fans of BIONICLE, but I think most of us have parts they dislike. While G1 is considered far better than G2, most would still be able to find some flaws. What are these flaws, and how to rectify them, so G1 could be even better than it is?

Below is my attempt to improve G1. (It is highly possible I will later revise this.)

(I will make an entirely new attempt later)

2002-2003 Bohrok Saga

Tie together Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal storylines. Instead of being a repeat, the Kal would make more sense as part of a longer Bohrok storyline. Not a repeat but an extension. Bohrok-Kal command swarms, and seem to be just another type of Bohrok, albeit a special one. When Bahrag are sealed, Bohrok-Kal reveal their true intelligence and steal Nuva Symbols.

I would also explain Nuva Cube. When Toa mutate into Toa Nuva, Makuta interferes, tying their power to Nuva Cube. Nuva Cube would appear in MNOG as a background object, becoming important at end of 2002.

2003 Herald of Seventh Toa

Rework the movie so Takua does not act out of character. Alternatively, give him another amnesia, and have him relearn the world while Rahkshi rampage.

Make Takanuva be a rumored name of seventh Toa. Takua does not randomly rename himself, but takes on name he knows the seventh Toa to have.

2004 City of Legends

Metru Nui, and Matoran Universe in general should not be portrayed as an inherently unpleasant place. Matoran should have immediate reason to return there. I would make it that when Great Spirit is healthy, Metru Nui is as pleasant as Mata Nui but in more advanced way, becoming dystopian when Great Spirit grows sick. Inversely, when Metru Nui becomes dystopian, Great Spirit grows sick.

2006 Voya Nui and Piraka Rapper Gang

Rework Piraka. Basic idea of impostor Toa is good, but Piraka are too incompetent for their defeat of Toa Nuva to be justified. In general, late G1 had issues with power balance, and Piraka are a big example. Piraka should not defeat Toa Nuva by brute force alone, but by combination of force and cunning.
Piraka are an ordinary band of Dark Hunters that were kicked out for selfishness, there is no real reason for them to be so overpowered in terms of raw strength. I would instead make them less comically back-stabbing and incompetent. They would still be selfish, just not selfish idiots.

2007 Depths of Despair

Rework pit so it is less of ordinary prison. MU inhabitants have stasis technology, making ordinary prisons redundant. It also should have a Matoran name. Perhaps Maxilos? Maxilos could be modeled slightly after cold dark Greek Underworld to contrast with openly awful Karzahni, a place abandoned by Mata Nui. The condemned are imprisoned in stasis tubes, unable to do anything but think in eternal darkness, hear unknown noises, seeing unclear shadows of something awful.

If they somehow escape, there is still Spinax hounds, Maxilos sentinels, and Hydraxon. Also, Hydraxon is strange name in context of MU. I would name him something like Krangai(from Kra- and Mangai, thus Guardian of Darkness. Warden of Hell and open antagonist of 2007 having more sinister name than Hydraxon also helps.)

It could be interesting if current Botar, like Hydraxon was a clone, sort of. Original Botar killed himself because he discovered a person he sent to Maxilos long ago was innocent. OOM revived him with Tryna. Makuta knows this, and attempts to use this to convince Matoro to revive Tuyet.

Rework Order of Mata Nui in general.

2010 Clash of Elements

Make G1 end in 2011 like planned if possible. This means two more full years of BIONICLE. It is known 2010 would focus on Element Lords, and 2011 would be set on Bota Magna, but little is known about the second of these.

In 2010, Toa Nuva would be exiled from Matoran Universe, like Mata Nui was in 2008, Makuta growing tired of them constantly disrupting his rule. The Great Spirit himself mysteriously disappears after ending reign of Skrall.

Element Lords awaken, and attempt to reclaim their empires. Toa Nuvas’ memories and minds are confused from the crash, their powers quickly fading. To represent that, their primary colors are secondary to grey. Agori distrust Toa, them being mechanical strangers with elemental powers that fell from the sky.

Story focuses on both Agori and Toa. In end, the Toa and Glatorian reconcile and defeat the threat together. To seal Element Lords, Toa Nuva partially sacrifice themselves, becoming comatose.

2011 The Finale

In 2011, I would make it that former Chronicler’s company are mysteriously teleported from Reign of Shadows MU to Bota Magna, turned into Toa. Mata Nui appears to them in visions, instructing them on their journey. Matoran-like and Toa-like mechanoids exist on Bota Magna, created by a rogue Great Being from old blueprints. Said great being is now missing, but his servants still cause chaos in the part of jungle world Toa visit.

Thinking that the Toa are another of Dark Lord’s servants, local Agori are as hostile as aforementioned mechanoids and dinosaurian predators. The Toa eventualy complete their mission, and watch a massive earthquake in distance, as a second giant robot rises from ground. A clash of titans ensues across all three worlds, ending in destruction of Makuta (and Matoran Universe) and in reuniting of Spherus Magna. New Atero is built, but multiple threats still remains.

Great Beings’ Origin

In serials after story concludes, we discover amongst other things, nature of the Great Beings, who came from the stars. Great Beings are last remants of an advanced extrasolar civilization, destroyed by an eldritch horror that fed on thought. Great Beings arrived on Spherus Magna, where much less advanced tribes of Agori warred amongst themselves. Coming from a more enlightened place, Great Beings were able to broker a peace with word and display of strength. Seeing them as divine, Agori gave them title of Great Beings and rule over the planet

Brothers of Great Spirit

The final main reveal of this version of BIONICLE follows. Before becoming rogue, aforementioned Great Being was one of chief architects of Mata Nui project. Aterus, known by also as Atero (the destroyed city of Atero was named for him, as Agori of Bara Magna honored him as greatest amongst the Great Beings) worked on creation of Mata Nui.

An AI was needed to pilot GSR, and so Aterus created a wonder material by creating a living, shapeshifting mist, made from modified form of Protodermis. He created Mata Nui from this Antidermis. He wanted to create more beings from Antidermis, but he exhausted all high-quality material, and so created Makuta species from a more unstable (and dilluted) version of Antidermis. One of Makuta was chosen by Aterus, imparting him with enhanced powers, ambition, and name derived from corruption of name of his creator.

That name was Teridax.

The End

This is my attempt to improve G1. Is it a good attempt?

And more importantly, how would you improve the first generation?


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2004: I love that idea. The MU is a complete dystopia. Even though Metru Nui is the least worst place, aside from Arthaka of course, there should be something about the city that would make you really want to live in this world, instead we get a giant basement filled with monsters, a desert, and giant working facilities. Not necessarily bad, but still, it is hard to believe that Vakama & Co prefer this over the live on the island.

2006: The Piraka are competent, they are just not good team workers. That is what sets them apart from the Toa, this is how they defeated themselves. Unity prevails. Taking this incompetence to work in team away from the Piraka kinda removes the point of why the Piraka do what they do. They believe in strength, because that is all they have.

2007 Pit rework is a relatively small change but an intriguing one. But it really makes one wonder if this is law enforcement or torture. Botarcide is a bit too dark, honestly.


Very interesting ideas here. I highly agree with your assessment of 2004. I think that’s how it used to be, but since we only ever got to substantially see it during Fake Dume’s reign, post-Cataclysm, and during the Reign of Shadows, we just haven’t experienced it as the paradise it’s supposed to be.

I don’t have any specific suggestions for each year/wave/story arc, but I do have suggestions that could improve the story as a whole.

  • Every evil group we’re shown is filled with very disloyal individuals, especially the Piraka and Barraki. Even Makuta, though they are more or less loyal to the Brotherhood, do not work well with one another. I think it would be interesting if we had a villainous group that bucked that trend: villains that were actually loyal to each other. They could pose an interesting challenge to the heroes. Both the PIraka and Barraki fought themselves as much as they fought the Toa, but imagine if either of them were an actually unified team. They would be way more formidable and have a much more interesting dynamic. Basically I’m saying united villains are more interesting than disunited ones and Bionicle should have more of them.
  • Any Matoran can be any gender regardless of element. It was a dumb decision that only males can be Ta-Matoran, only females can be Ga-Matoran, etc. and one that I routinely defy.
  • Reduce the ludicrous timescale. It’s insane that there are beings in the GSR that have lived for 100,000 years, and it’s even more insane that Glatorian and Agori live even longer. Gresh was alive during the Core War, and even 100,000 years later he’s still considered a rookie! The timescale should be reduced to 10,000 at the very most, although I think it could even be reduced to 1,000 years. The lifespan of Bara Magnan natives should also be reduced. I can understand that GSR natives, since they’re mostly mechanical, have incredibly long lifespans. Magnans are mostly biological, though, so it doesn’t make nearly as much sense.
  • Like we got Legacy of Evil in the Bionicle Legends books, we should have gotten flashback books for both the Barraki and the Makuta. For the former, we could see how each of the League’s leaders started their kingdoms, how they managed them, the wars they fought, and how they ultimately decided to band together. For the latter, it would basically be an expanded version of the Mutran Chronicles but without a strict focus on one character. Both of these would serve to flesh out the villains a lot more and show us more of the Bionicle history.

That’s all I’ve got.


To Rukah

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To Makutros

re 2004

Thanks. In addition to what you said, this also works with the central twist of G1, with evil being representative of disease. A body is sometimes healthy and sometimes sick.

re 2006

I perhaps worded that incorrectly, or perhaps I just have wrong impression of Piraka. I got (likely wrong) impression that Piraka won through brute force and were overpowered (likely influenced by Rahshki toothbrush quote and by Toa Nuva being supposed to be stronger than other Toa), which was main thing that bothered me, and another likely wrong impression that they constantly tried to betray each other. I did not want to remove the scheming, just tone it down somewhat to compensate for power downgrade. They would betray the other Piraka, but not constantly.

I had this impression that Piraka would betray each other at first chance, even when it was clearly impractical. But if I recall correctly, my impression may have been subconsciously influenced by an old alternate universe fanfic. That fanfic was very good, but it is very possible that the author exaggerated Piraka’s betraying for drama. Also, I was tired.

I still stand by balancing and scaling being bad. Toa once were legendary heroes, and then they were made so underpowered compared to rest of universe that you have mentions of one hundred Toa being needed at one point. Of course, on Mata Nui, the scale was intentionally much smaller than later, but this is too much of an admittedly good thing, at least for me. Same goes for Rahshki. Reveal that Rahshki are not special legendary monsters is good, but I think they were made bit too underwhelming.

Unlike some, I think multiple Makuta is totally fine escalation of scale, as are Barraki.

I wanted to include changing Axonn and Brutaka’s names really badly but forgot. I hate these names. Will add later.

Re 2007

The intention was that sounds and the shadows are Maxilos Sentinels and the Spinax Hounds patrolling. Darkness is simply the place being badly lit because the wardens can see in dark and to make escaping it more difficult. They are not meant to be intentional torture. The description was meant to evoke a description of ancient underworlds, places that are not torturous, but just generally unpleasant. But unlike say Greek or Babylonian afterlife, only evil people end here, and not everyone who dies.

Your criticism helped inspire me to flesh this further. Perhaps the pit predates the order. Perhaps it was built by Great Beings before MU inhabitants were granted sapience (was it Velika, or accident? I heard both.), to isolate dangerously defective mechanoids. Since its inmates were not presumed to be sentient, no care was made in designing it for sentients. Krangai in that scenario likely is himself not a sentient, being similar to Umbra in that he cares only for his purpose (guarding the pit) and ignores everything else. Dekar-Krangai is brought back wrong, confusing Toa Mahri for the condemned. They have to convince an unfeeling machine that they are not escaped prisoners, but are on his side.

Botar thing was meant to show him as being honorable in his own way, but I agree it is rather dark. It would also contrast him from single-minded Krangai. On other hand 2007 is the darkest point, so there it at least doesn’t clash. But still, that year has enough darkness. So I am not sure about this.

Regardless, I want to keep the Tryna thing. That fits both with OOM not using Toa Code, and with Makuta in proverbial skin of Maxilos wanting for Matoro to break that code and revive Tuyet.

Re Other

Also, what you think about the post 2009 stuff, Mask of Light and the Bohrok merge?

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I think my biggest thing would just be more consistent with the Toa. Change teams less often, stick to one method of creating them, have members die and new members join more fluidly. Idk, that’s just one thing that always bugged me about G1, and is something I’m trying to focus on in my bonkle setting.


General Changes:

  • Mata Nui’s mission was to create life on barren worlds. It’s simpler and more elegant than the clunky reunification of Spherus Magna plot. Plus, finding out that Mata Nui’s mission this whole time was to save a planet we only just learned about for the benefit of characters we only just met was underwhelming.

  • When Makuta took over, he corrupted Mata Nui’s life-giving powers to create strange monsters and mutate stuff. This is the real reason so much mutation is going on in the MU, instead of it being an oddly common unrelated occurrence. The Visorak were specifically created to spread mutation, and the Pit is exposed to corrupted life energies. Energized Protodermis, whatever the Bohrok-Kal were exposed to, and maybe Roodaka’s powers could also be rewritten in light of this.

Individual year changes:

The masks scattered around the island were either hidden there by the Toa Metru before they awakened the Matoran, or they were part of a stockpile of masks that existed in the GSR that were released onto the island during the Great Cataclysm. It shouldn’t be Artakha teleporting them there – I hate when he’s randomly helpful-but-not-too-helpful solely for the convenience of the plot. I also agree about not repeating the Bohrok with the Bohrok-Kal, and that’s a much better explanation of the Nuva cubes.

I agree completely about Takua’s characterization. References to awakening the Great Spirit immediately should also be removed, since that clearly doesn’t happen. Takanuva should live up to the hype about the seventh Toa by being incredibly powerful, instead of in canon where’s he’s weaker than all the other Toa because he’s not a Nuva and his mask doesn’t even increase his natural light powers. The Mask of Light is spoken about like a practically legendary mask, so I say make it one, just not quite on the level of the Vahi, Ignika, etc. Takanuva fights Makuta in a climactic battle, being the only one who can go toe to toe with him. In the end, he still merges with Makuta, and defeats him by wresting control of the body. But then, instead of dying and immediately coming back to life good as new, he finds that he is now stuck as a Toa of Light and Shadow, making his powers harder to control, as narrative recompense. (I was thinking, isn’t it weird that Takanuva technically had light and shadow powers twice? This also makes him less overpowered going forward, similar to the canon, and explains why he doesn’t do much till 2008). He can regain full light powers later on.

I think it would be more interesting if the real Dume actually is a villain. An evil Turaga would be a new twist, and Makuta can afford to take a backseat after being the villain of the last arc. The climactic battle should also be written so that the Toa need to actively use the Vahi to prevail. In canon, outside of some very brief uses, the Vahi is treated almost exclusively as an inconvenience that must be protected from villains. Instead, Vakama battles Makuta with the power of time as a desperate last resort in an epic battle. The strain of using the mask permanently alters his perception of time both in the future and the past, which turns to be, retroactively, the cause of his precognitions.

Your comparison of the pit to a sort of hell is interesting – I’ve thought something similar. In canon, the Barraki aren’t really trapped. They can swim away, and we know that breathing apparatuses for water-breathing species exist. Wanting to undo their mutations is more of a vanity than anything. But if they were, in some sense, dead, fighting for the Mask of Life takes on a new and, I think, more interesting meaning.

Minor Changes:

  • Toa of Lightning should be yellow. There is no yellow element and three blue ones. For the same reason, I’m debating making Toa of Psionics pink (realistically, there would be no reason for Bionicle characters to have a stigma against the color pink). Also, Toa of Plantlife should be female, as was the original intention.

  • It should be established that great masks are both extremely rare and difficult to create – even Vakama can’t make them without a lot of time, which is why the Toa Metru (and most other Toa, in future years) have to make do with one even when it’s well established that Toa can use multiple.

Controversial change: Makuta retains his earliest characterization. He is a malevolent shapeshifting entity and the brother of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The Brotherhood of Makuta still exists, but they are a cultish group who variously worship Makuta or covet his power. They are known as Rahi creators because they went to work creating monsters after Makuta took over.


In general

Another reason why some of my changes may feel awkward is something I did not make clear. I love BIONICLE for its early years and concepts. 2001-2003, parts of 2004. Also the original twists, even if they were revealed later: the whole twist with a giant lying under the sea was excellent, also Bohrok being necessary to wake Mata Nui, them being part of same broader species as Matoran and Toa, that is also very good.

I think that G1 lost a charm with later years. It was good, but the spirit was lost. Part of that was attempt to make the setting darker, but instead of making parts dark, they made everything dark. Some ideas I still like (especially red-star being underworld (or rather overworld) that is an excellent idea), but I just cannot love the whole. So I am uncomfortable when writing for later years, because I do not know them or love them that much.

When writing this, I wanted to keep the basics same. Otherwise, I would change much more, and in different ways.

To Cruciferous

Good ideas.

Re Spherus Magna

Good idea, but this is not as random as you think. Like Legend of Mata Nui described the GSR falling from heavens, the three virtues also have second meaning. For Matoran, they are set of virtues given by Mata Nui. For Mata Nui, they are statement of his mission given to him by Great Beings.

If I was to interpret and explain it further:
Unity (of Spherus Magna) is Duty (It must be done) and Destiny (It will be done.)

I suspect broken planet of some sort was planned as far as 2001 due to this, but I am not sure. It could be much later.

Re Mutation

Another good idea. I think mutation was not random, but another part of the central twist. Cells can mutate easily if damaged, and MU inhabitants are cell-equivalents in a way.

Re Makuta

Very good idea. Makuta definitively should be brother of Mata Nui in some way. I once had idea how to do this while maintaining multiple Makuta. I shall expand on that idea below. It is different idea from the original post, which also addressed Makuta, but in very different way.

Please be aware that this is important twist in one of my abandoned ideas for a story.

Makuta were never normal mechanoids in this world, being created as shapeshifting sem-spirits from start. This is important.

When the Universe was being created, Makuta were made by the Great Beings. Makuta were not evil at this point, that would come later.

They were given hidden knowledge, and told that they can choose which part of the MU they watch over as Guardian Spirits. But there was one more Makuta than parts of the universe. Makuta asked if that was fair to the one that would be left out. Great Beings answered that the one would not be left out. A single Makuta would be picked in a fair contest, having honor and responsibility to be the Great Spirit and watch over the universe.

Most Makuta chose to stay out, seeing this responsibility as too great for them to bear. Out of these who joined, one was chosen, being fused with GSR and becoming Mata Nui. Makuta Teridax came second, being awarded with Mask of Light. (Makuta at this point were creatures of light, not of shadow. This original Avohkii looked like Krahkaan does now but in gold.) His aspirations and hopes dashed, Teridax convinced himself that the winner cheated.

Driven by jealousy towards his brother, Teridax was driven to greater and greater extremes, and he eventually concocted a plan to overthrow Mata Nui himself after defating some warlords who dared to usurp his right. Over millennia, Teridax slowly manipulated his brothers, until point their minds were poisoned, and they accepted his plan.

As brotherhood was slowly corrupted, their light powers slowly turned into shadow powers. When Artaka later created Avohkii because he suspected something was wrong, he shaped it deliberately different, because original shape was too associated with Teridax and shadow.

At first, the Makuta were not as evil as they would later become, but their morality continued to decay, corrupting their powers further. To obscure their fall, Makuta continued to use their former angelic forms in public, discarding them only after their curse succeeded.

Teridax’s motivation in this scenario is a mix of his usual megalomania and an extremely twisted version of Great Beings’ ideals.

Teridax thinks himself as chosen of Great Beings, cheated out of his right by his brother. He is the only one to be able to complete mission Great Beings gave him: to prevent war and strife by directly ruling over entire universe, Teridax being chief enforcer of this divine regime. Ends always justify means, and if anyone stands in way of peace through control, they are to be eliminated without mercy. That is what Great Beings want, right?


I’ve always thought that Toa of Lightning should be yellow & blue while Toa of Psionics should be pink and purple.

Ah, that’s something I forgot to mention in my comment. I think the whole “Red Star Resurrection” mechanic should be scrapped. Resurrection is already a far too common trope in Bionicle, and I think that this star having the power to resurrect almost every dead character in Bionicle is way too much. Maybe if it was changed somehow it could still work, but I’m not sure how.

Man, this is a really really good concept! Better than what’s canon, I’d say. Too bad the story idea is abandoned, I would like to read it.


Re Toa of Psionics (I wrote lighting, but meant psionics)
I would make them pink and grey. Perhaps I am too morbid, but since mind itself has no color, my own mind jumped to brain, seat of the mind, which has a pinkish grey color.

Re Red Star
I personally love idea of Red Star being home to dead. I think it fits with sci-fi fantasy mix of BIONICLE well. But I understand why the star is deemed as being too overpowered and I agree it could be improved. The dead should not be fully revived. As how that would work, I have two ideas, first simper and second more complex.

Idea A
Either the star was still supposed to revive the dead, but it is more of reincarnation. The revived would lack their old memories, knowledge, and identities, being blank slates they were when they were created. But the star is broken, and so the dead accumulate here, wandering the star aimlessly like the souls in Hades.

Idea B
Or perhaps the Red Star is more of true afterlife, dead being unable to leave the star. Basically, the Great Beings created a spirit to accumulate knowledge accumulated by MU inhabitants. They placed this spirit inside a vessel, and fused it with Red Star, which was originally created to help GSR navigate cosmos.

This strange entity would reincarnate dead as disembodied spirits similar to itself, tied to Red Star. Ordinarily, these spirits would be one with this Iden Nui, coming together into a greater whole. Over millennia, the Inika Entity would grow more knowledgeable, wiser, and cleverer from accumulating souls of dead. But this process was faster than intended, and eventually, the Red Star’s architecture was unable to bear the metaphorical weight of the entity’s mind.

System broke down, and the souls of dead separated from the spirit, becoming ghosts that haunted halls of Red Star. The Entity attempted to give them bodies, eventually resulting in strange undead constructs. There could be a story where the star is repaired, and the Inika Entity is made whole again.

Re Makuta

Thanks lot, I am glad you liked this! Perhaps I will sometimes return to the idea…


Okay, this is actually a god-tier idea. You really should have been a writer for Bionicle


Keep in mind that a majority of the important character deaths throughout the story were written in such a way that the characters can’t be revived. Or, more accurately, the Red Star was written in such a way that the pre-existing character deaths couldn’t be undone.

As far as I know, the only major character death to be undone is Lhikan’s, and we don’t even know if he came back properly.

(I suppose Mavrah and Nocturn also came back, if you consider them to be “major” deaths by virtue of being named characters)


All you’ve really done is just introduce them earlier. It sounds like 2003 plays out exactly the same. Since they don’t really seem to play any major role in 2002, except as “minibosses” really, I don’t see the point, especially if they’re hiding their true intelligence, thus acting like normal Bohrok. Set-wise, it’s still going to be a repeat.

Better to just remove “Takanuva” altogether and just have him go by Toa Takua.

They never were depicted as such. Metru Nui only got bad after Teridax started impersonating Dume, and the Matoran Universe was fine until the Great Cataclysm happened. And as for the second bit, they always had immediate reason to return. They had little bit of a problem preventing them from doing that, though, called Teridax.

Can you elaborate? When are they ever depicted as incompetent? Yes, there’s a lot of in-fighting, but they are extremely powerful enemies. Besides, they were more evenly matched with the Toa Nuva. It took Brutaka to step in and overwhelm them with an energy blast. And again, please remind me when they are ever seen as incompetent idiots.

It’s likely that the Pit was built long, long before Stasis technology was invented, and by the time it was, the prison was filled with so many dangerous villains that it’d just be plain silly to try to retrofit it with new tech. Besides, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Well this took a dark turn. If that happened, Botar could just teleport and free the sorry soul.

Such as?

That was never planned. Bionicle never had a planned end point.

Too much of a repeat, and also a bit of a coincidence for them to also land on Bara Magna. Besides, 2009+ was supposed to be a soft reboot. It was supposed to be more of its own thing. Way too soon to start bringing in more old characters.

I’d love to hear your explanation for this. What happens on Aqua Magna?

As for myself, I’d split 2008 into two years. Give the Phantoka a whole year, and the Mistika a whole year. The Toa Phantoka would have been all six Toa Nuva, and then the Toa Mistika would have been the Mahri plus Takanuva. Instead of having Makuta as cannister sets, they would have been Titans and the Toa would have directly fought other villains instead, such as Shadow Toa or mutated Rahkshi.


You mean Thok trying to kill Reidak in this comic?


What does that have to do with incompetence?

In general, I recognize the first post to be flawed. I will likely later a new post about what I would change. Your post focused on flaws, and I agree there are flaws. But do you think I did something right, and what I did right?

It should be noted that I tried to not change G1 too much. Otherwise, I would make it go in different direction than it did. For my thoughts on late G1, refer to post in this thread where I replied to Cruciferous.

Re Bohrok
This was meant for it to feel less insulting, without actually changing the sets. Instead of having repeat sets in two ostensibly different consecutive story years, you have the repeat sets in a single story year. Still bad, but less. If I did not want to limit the changes, I would make entirely different change.

Re Takanuva
Well, that would be ideal solution. Name Takanuva was done only so they would not spoil the movie.

Re Reason to Return
I meant immediate in context of Makuta being defeated, but it still does not make that much sense.

Re Piraka
As I said less elaborately in a post in this thread, my original perception has been likely unintentionally influenced by a fanfic, and a video. The video summarized the canon BIONICLE and was otherwise very good, but the passage was likely worded poorly.

Re Pit
Both the original and my idea would work, I just personally prefer my idea as more interesting.

Re Botar
This was meant to show other forms of honor in MU than Toa code, and I want to expand upon that. Perhaps Botar long ago made oath to Mata Nui that he would behave justly. Then he discovers his error and saves the person, but they are in horrible mental state. Botar feels triply guilty, he hurt an innocent person, he broke a sacred oath, and he offended the God to whom was the oath made. So he feels himself compelled by morality, honor, and religion to kill himself. But the order needs him (in this universe, there is no Botar species), and so they revive him. Tryna is only a part of a long process, but Makuta does not tell Matoro that.

About it getting dark, 2007 is already dark. Even the good ending involves Matoro sacrificing himself to avert apocalypse. And not in metaphorical sense, in literal religious sense.

Re OoM
I am not sure what I originally meant.

If I were to find an idea, the Order could be semi secret. It is publicly a small religious organization dedicated to honoring the Great Spirit. Its true nature is still concealed, including majority of members. This could make operating while not revealing truth easier. After all, being approached by OoM just means being approached by bunch of harmless weirdos.

Re 2011
I worded it wrongly. BIONICLE lasting to 2011 was planned, according to a Faber Files illustration.

Re Toa Nuva
I originally did not want Toa Nuva on Bara Magna. Reasons why I had Toa Nuva on Bara Magna is to contrast good elemental Toa, and bad elemental Lords, and to create the internal conflict that is solved by everyone unifying, and to give Nuva a true final battle, a full circle scenario. Toa awaken on an unfamiliar world in confused state haunted by dark dreams and memories, culminating in sort off fighting evil versions of themselves.

Re Explanation and Aqua Magna
Mata Nui disappeared from Bara Magna, because prototype robot is on Bota Magna. He is in partial control of its systems, but needs someone to activate it, and he no longer has a working body. Also, it is possible Dark Lord/Aterus is involved, because Teridax is is too successful and cannot be controlled. (Note that Aterus was not always the Dark Lord. When he created Teridax, he was did not plan the Makuta to end like they did at all, he was just ordinary Great Being. But at this point he is Dark Lord, and if Teridax became his satrap, he would have little problem with him.)

The final battle between two giants would happen on all three planets and in space between them. On Aqua Magna, perhaps Barraki would attempt to end the Reign of Shadows by flooding the universe, before Mata Nui convinces them of foolishness of the plan. (Flooding GSR while he was standing would be actually doable, because MU has its own internal gravity, but the consequences would be horrible, most beings either drowning or mutating.)

Re 2008
Very good idea. I do not oppose multiple Makuta at all, but they all should feel impactful. If there are multiple Makuta, most of them should at least approach level of care that was put into designing original Makuta. These are not Bohrok-Kal or Dark Hunters or Piraka, they are Makuta, the main antagonists. So when Toa fully fight a Makuta, it should somewhat approach level of MNOG or Mask of Light fight, while ordinary fights are against other beings.


Throwing a metal guy off a short cliff like that won’t kill him. Also, the amount of arguing the piraka do makes them feel incompetent. It diminishes the fact that they have a mission, and makes them instead feel juvenile and foolish.

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“They” don’t have a mission. They’re each just trying to screw everyone else over and take the prize.



To elaborate on how I (likely mistakenly, because I am not well versed in that era) saw Piraka:

Lot of BIONICLE villains sometimes cooperate, not out of loyalty, but out of practicality. They are selfish, but not stupid.

A Barraki distrust the others, but is willing to cooperate if it benefits him. He understands that cooperation can be to his benefit.

Makuta work with each other well. A Makuta understands the value of cooperation and how it can benefit him, that is how he took over the world, as a part of a greater brotherhood. When a Makuta betrays somebody, he does it at the right moment, when it benefits him. Teridax openly betrayed Toa Metru when whole city was in his grasp. He openly betrayed Matoran only when the Great Spirit was asleep, and when there was no point in pretending to be on their side. He openly betrayed the Brotherhood when he was god and had no use for them. When Teridax betrayed somebody, it was to his benefit.

Piraka only care for short term gain, and are unable to cooperate or time their betrayals. A Piraka just constantly betrays the others, even when cooperation would benefit him, and so, he hurts himself.

Stupid Man walks on the scene: “And that…is stupid!” Can you guess this reference?

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