How would you invest 1M dollars?

Let’s say you won a lottery game. You won the grand prize of 1 million dollars… But then you think… I don’t want to end up poorer then I was before…

So, you decide that instead of ending up poorer then you were before, you want to invest this money, to end up richer then you were before!

If I won 1 million dollars, I will go to a LEGO store, and bought the most expensive and rare sets, (for example modulars) and then store them unopened in a wardrobe for like 5 years at least, and then sold them sealed on Ebay for 4x the original value (since it’s sealed). And this way, I will get more money then I originally had!

What about you? How would you invest 1 million dollars? (invest them in any way, it doesn’t have to be related to LEGO).

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