How would you make a Female MOC?

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Hello everyone on the Boards!

So looking around in the Boards recently I can see a lot of people coming out with overly sexualized Fe-MOCs, and so far the general consensus seems to be:

Many people don’t like them.

And I can understand why. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially when the medium in question is a children’s plastic building toy.

But the hate on them seems to be indefinite, and it makes me wonder, what would please people when it comes to that? For anyone out there, tell me, what’s your definitive Fe-MOC.

Where do you believe the line should be drawn? How can people build a female MOC without detracting from that fact and without going overboard on some aspects?

Just a question, so please feel free to share your opinions and keep in mind that others have theirs as well. I know this is a sensitive topic and I don’t want there to be a flame war.

And please refrain from posting pictures if your tastes might make others uncomfortable.

As always,
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The way I see it is if you wouldn’t let your daughter go out dressed like your MOC, it’s not okay.


Something like Gali 2015; subtle curves and a sleek design that doesn’t scream “i’m a woman” but has definitive feminine characteristics that separates it from being male. I don’t want bulbous features, just the basic silhouette.


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I’m perfectly fine with making something look clearly feminine, as long as it doesn’t look terrible in the process.


One that doesn’t copy other Fe-MOCs too much.

Body parts don’t make me that uncomfortable when it comes down to visuals. I mean, we all have them.


Good god.
You didn’t have to write it that way.


keep the proportions from looking painful,

make the build at least somewhat fit the character

hair on mocs needs to die in a nuclear blast,

it’s not a vortixx? then why does it have high heel feet?

and above all else, make a good build.



The moc would have to have good proportions, for a female, at least. The body is shaped like a females, the limbs aren’t twigs of plastic, the waist nor chest should be a balloon, and the waist shouldn’t be as thin as paper.

Nuvaboobs or boobz in general are recommended to not be used, although if you strongly wish to have them there I’d expect them to not be 2 spheres on a very badly proportioned body.

No butts. Just… no butts. Just make the thighs slightly bigger and I’m fine but absolutely no buttocks.


No High heels either.

If you want to make a female moc, just make correct proportions and not incredibly ridiculously exaggerated proportions.




Although I’ve been tempted to make female characters that are specifically fetish fuel before, my rule of thumb, especially after making the Vihagu, is to base the figure and outfit styles of female characters on the kinds that I see around me. That tends to keep me within the bounds of realism with female designs. Thus far all of my female MOCs have a good bit of clothing on them and aren’t incredibly skinny or have oversized body parts.

Honestly, if I saw a very sexualized female MOC but it was executed in a good way, I don’t think I’d mind it. The problem in my opinion is not so much the fact that MOCs are sexualized, but that the MOCers that attempt to sexualize their female characters aren’t good enough to do that in a way that comes off as appealing, or even remotely similar to human females whose body and outfit have similar concepts.

The above statement applies to my perspective on Nuvaboobs, Inika butts, etc. I don’t mind them per se, and I’ve seen some good MOCs that use these techniques, but many other times they aren’t in proportion to the rest of the body or don’t fit the MOC’s style.

Also, edited title to something I think is closer to the general topic.


The way I see it, the question isn’t what you build, but how good you build. For instance, take away the bo0bs, butt, hair, heel, etc, etc, etc. does your MOC look like it was taken from a sausage grinder/coping machine or is it somewhat pleasing to look at. Just to be clear, I don’t care how many cheap gimmicks a MOC has if it looks good. The whole “oversexualized MOC” is done kind of a lot, but as long as it is over all “good”, there isn’t anything to talk about.

that’s a bit extreme…


I think just a bit thinner than a male MOC, and…

I was beat to it.


Sometimes a Rahkshi head needs it, or at least something.


Okay…DON’T OVER-OVERSEXUALISE AT ALL! I mean breasts are fine but if you make it so apparent it looks like they couldn’t stream it on twitch, DON’T DO IT! I have seen two today and one had to have pictures removed cause he posted sexually implied stuff in em! So just make it like a normal MOC with a bit more feminine features… #RedRage


My general rule of thumb:

A BIONICLE character is a BIONICLE. No difference here. Every once in a while, I’ll toss on a ponytail, but that’s uncommon.

A non-BIONILCE MOC is different, but usually I don’t try there either. A ponytail, a sorta fem-torso, and call it good. If that.

Well there was an exception… once…



A female MOC should look like a male MOC.


depending on what you want for the MOC to be, go ahead! Try something interesting!

You won’t get much positives among the community from sexualized MOCs or anything, but hey, goofy and epic are open!


Building female mocs is very counterintuitive and that’s why they generally look bad. You’re trying to make a curvy character with blocky parts. The real trick is to build these blocks at angles to give the illusion of a female figure.


I think MoCs like Gali Master are the best. She’s very clearly feminine, but she’s by no means sexualized or pathetic looking.


[quote=“TheRed1s, post:11, topic:15642”]
that’s a bit extreme…
[/quote]no, I’ve almost never seen a moc with hair that didn’t look irredeemably awful.

ergo kill it with fire.

who uses rahkshi heads on mocs?


I agree.