HowTo: Compact Gearbox

Many of you will be unwilling to pay $15+ to obtain the 2015 gearboxes for your MOCs (assuming you already have the spare parts for this design handy), which is why I’ve created a universal gearbox for use with most G1 torso pieces.
The design is about as compact as gearboxes from 2015, and contains only 48 pieces.

If you’re interested in building one of these guys, look no further…

#Pieces you’ll need:

Most of these pieces are relatively common in G1 sets, except perhaps the small cogs. Unfortunately these are essential for the design (larger cogs get stuck on torso pieces you attach them to).

#HowTo Guide:







*Slide the axles from step 5 into the holes shown.

*On the other side, add small cogs to the exposed (black) axles. Now add the third cog (attached to the blue pin).

*With the other half of the gearbox (shown in step 2), do the same but reversed.

*Do the same as before on the other side (but again, reversed).



*This step is not essential, though it provides an extra connection point to torso pieces.
(Please ignore my obscenely short nails. It’s a habit.)

*This step is not essential, though it provides an extra connection point to torso pieces.


*Slide two ‘double-pin’ (piece E) pieces through the two open axles.




*Push the cog-axle rod from step 18 into the bottom hole (of piece C). It will pass all the way through the gearbox.

*Lock the rod off with a single bushing (piece G).
*The two blue pins above and below the bushing show possible connection points for the gearbox.
*The bushing can be taken off and, using a larger axle for the cog-axle rod, can help hold a torso piece onto the gearbox.

*Note that I forgot to add this piece earlier. This simply hides the pesky blue pins, though sadly the top set can’t be hidden (sorry @Eljay) as doing so would stop the gears turning.

#How to Use:
Some torso pieces attach to the gearbox better than others. The Inika torso has problems given its width, and it’s difficult to avoid the 2015 syndrome (whereby arms attached to the gearbox are further back than the torso piece, making bird’s-eye views of your sets look ridiculous).
I’ve found that this design works well with Vahki torso pieces, as shown below on a self-MOC I’m working on.

#Thanks for Viewing
This took me around 2 days to perfect so I’d appreciate any comments (and suggestions for improvement). I’d also love to see any MOCs that use my design (please do credit me, though).
I might work on some gear-based auto-cannon next, so look out for that.

Peace out. :sunglasses:


This is great.
Hail Ketar.

Wait wat

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I could build this, but I don’t that many of the “x10” piece.

Instead of using the [++] pieces (text representation of the x10 pieces, where + means an axle hole), you could use [+0+] pieces (0 being a regular pin hole). I hope that makes sense :S
Basically, I’m trying to say that the x10 pieces can be substituted for quite a lot of other parts.


This is amazing.


Neat idea!

already I see a severe flaw in your logic.

that said, it is impressively compact.


I like the design, but considering how many people have the sets and how much a gearbox might cost on Bricklink compared to all these pieces, I’d rather just use the Toa gearbox.

But still, great engineering here.

Wait isn’t there a how to topic

I agree with this, but I think this design would be really great to incorporate into a fully custom Titan build, it seems sturdy enough to work for that.

Yep. There’s also extra open holes on the sides to fit extra friction joints if you need them.

@Gwideon I posted this when I didn’t know you were supposed to reply to the HowTo topic to post, though I think it’s a bit long to put in the forums anyway, and it’s kind of a creation in its own right.

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I think so too!

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Pretty nice, you’ve got a very clever design here. Plus that Vahki chest thing is nice.