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Right. I’ll see what I can come up with.

Also what kind of style do you want the dragon?

Right, I’m pretty much done now but it’s way too big. I just enjoy building dragons too much.


Excep a scary look, it doesn’t really matter, and I can change it if needed.

Good, that makes me feel it will turn out great.


I finished building

And it’s the size of Tanma.

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I’m curious

Although there are a couple of rare pieces involved, namely black fur addons, Stringers torso armour and glow-in-the dark Bohrok eyes.

An image please?

Right, now I know this will sound highly suspect because of that one time concerning the torso piece, but I am not at home right now, but will be in about 10 minutes.

So just wait a bit.

And this time I will actually give pictures and not leave the site for 2 months.

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This picture doesn’t do it justice, you can barely see the eyes but here you go.


Better photo.


That truly looks awesome, but it’s a bit too big. Thanks for your help anyways.

Noice. does the jaw move tho?

Very slightly, but yes it can.


That’s a bit of a shame, but either way it still looks awesome! The eye could be a different color to make it pop more though.

I need help with a way for falcon knights kingdom contstraction as a head. falcon as in the blue one, I need help with a build as a mask

Now this, this puts a smile on my face.
I made a samurai helmet for a new MoC


Wow, that’s just ingenious.



I assume you mean you want to use the Knight’s Kingdom Jayko helmet as a mask on a MOC and you want to find some way to translate the piece?

Yes thanks

Hey kids! Ever get any of those cool Trolls hairpieces but never found a way to use them? Are the connections inside of them nonexistent? Well, you’re in luck! With this handy dandy Troll to Technic Adapter™, you can troll LEGO back by giving this humongous hairpiece a pin hole!


Who you calling pinhead…pinhead?

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Any chance you could re-upload these photos? I need a way to put eyes in a Kraahkan without using the mata head.

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