HowTo: MOC Tutorials

This topic is for people to post HowTo's with their favorite techniques. I have only three rules for this topic.
1) First, it must be a technique for Bionicle or HF type creations. In other words, it should not be brick based. It can use system parts, but must be applicable for BioKronkiwonging.
2) Your HowTo's cannot use custom or modified parts (painted parts are acceptable as long as you announce that they are painted).
3) Finally, if you don't want people to use your technique, don't post it here. I know someone would if I didn't say not to.

Have fun!

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Uh, I think this maybe should be moved to the Creative Gallery, maybe. I dunno.

In the meantime, Knights' Kingdom Armor. We all know it(I think), and we've all seen the awesome use of those epic Leg pieces.

But, for an inexperienced MOCer, you may be asking: "But how do I use that, and make it look good?"

Worry not my friends, for Nyran has you covered.

These are the pieces you'll need. The Metru foot and hand piece can be swapped out for any foot style that will fit. Also, while I use the evil Black spiky armor, you can use whichever leg armor you want.

Also, the blue pin doesn't have to be blue, of course, I just ran out of blacks.

And finally, note that the Hordika inner head piece can be swapped out for a Glatorian neck, and that, if you're gonna use this with an HF Bone instead of an Inika Upper leg or the like, swapping the Ball joint for a hand connecter is also possible.

Also great about this design: You can use more than just KK Armor with it

Just an example.


Nice HowTo. I thought you were right about the category change, so I changed it to the Lego creations sub-category


This topic is now pinned. It will appear at the top of its category until it is unpinned by staff for everyone, or by individual users for themselves.

I don't know if we'll be making a Resources subcategory. but I'll just pin this for future reference.


Wow that's actually pretty cool man!

19/10 would read again


I'll be visiting ths place regularly.

Y'know, provided that more people post things here. :/

'Cause, not to sound like a complete tool, but I won't be posting another thing here until at least...two different people post something.

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This is interesting. I might post how-tos on a couple of techniques of mine, or even of an entire model like Rai.

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I guess I'll post something...

so say you want a head for your MOC, but you don't want something usual (like a mask or a rahkshi head). Today, I will show you how to make an abnormal head (via a MOC I haven't posted yet)

Here's what you'll need. As with Nyran's, any of the colors can be swapped out.

Finished product. This model can also be used as a rough base for other head types.

As you can see here, I used the basic head shape for another one of my MOCs, Spitter.

so yeah my advice is probably terribad but feel free to use it

@Ekorak I would be interested in seeing that.

(sorry star double post ik)


Well to start, here's a link to a MOCpages post with the instructions to my Self-MOC's head!


@Ekorak Now I really wish that I had pre '06 pieces!

Yup smile I have the blessing of having parts dating back to wave one Slizers.



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Same here brotha, I bought recently a bunch of slizer heads(20) and a bunch of slizer legs(??) and much more...

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Out of curiosity, did you get any of these?

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Oh yes I did actually, 20 black ones and 7 white ones.

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Nice. Was just wondering 'cause I know this cool guy who made this fairly simple design with them that integrates Knights' Kingdom armor. In case you ever wanted to try it out. Subtle Wink

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Heh, funnily enough I already am making a moc using that nice persons trick. (even subtler wink)


I will surely use both of them, maybe right now, maybe later, let me just copy and paste this link so I don't EVER lose it. smiley ~Pyrox

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Only thing that's actually useful to my MOCing style from the Slizers is the feet and also occasionally the heads if I'm revamping a Slizer or giving a character muscle detail.