Introduce Yourself!

Oh hey, I was in a conversation about this site on r/BionicleMemes.

What was the post that lead you here?

Oh how the tables have turned.
After years of making bionicle memes, we’ve finally brought one of the memers to us.

Welcome to the boards. Glad to have ya.


Welcome abroad, I must reform you that memes are outlawed, but if you go to Masters status than you go to are the “Secret” Place.

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Gotcha, didn’t come here with meming in mind, and while I’m replying I have two questions.
First is what happened to the fan discord server, all the links to it seem to say it doesn’t exist.
Second is what would be the best place to ask for advice and tips on creating a MOC?

I can’t answer the first question, but I can answer the second. On this board we have a moccing how to topic of sorts. Just post a question or suggestions for something like how to build a bulky leg and people will respond. And if you just scroll through it you can find some good tips!

Here’s the link HowTo: MOC Tutorials

While we haven’t gotten an official confirmation on the first, I don’t believe, I’m thinking it was retired since it was a strain on the mods to moderate that, this place, and the Patron Discord.

As for the second,

Oh yeah I should do this ummmm I’m DsBernArt but my friends call me Madds (don’t ask why that makes sense) and I just decided last week that I should stop pretending I’m out of my bionicle phase and instead only pretend in public while I participate in the online community. I’m just getting back into the mocing game but I’ll have to be away from it for most of the year for complicated reasons. I found Ttv I think Bc I googled something about bionicle lore like 2 months ago when It popped into my head and I realized I was getting rusty and then like the next day Yall were on my YouTube recommended page. Hmmmmmm favorite show ummmmm well I like Recap Review Bc I can go “OH HEY I KNOW THAT THING” but I also like MOC spotlight bc I can be like “that’s a good idea I’m gonna steal it”


Get beat, punk.


I’ve been following TTV and browsing the message boards since late 2015, but this is the first time I’ve been this active. Taking into consideration my lost account in which I probably introduced myself, hello there folks. The MOC spotlight is definitely my favorite video series on the channel. I’m here for the MOCs and to post MOCs, so see ya around peoples.


Hey, I’m new here. Registered just this afternoon!
I found out about TTV whilst searching YouTube for some old Toa Mata reviews and stumbled upon Eljay’s Recap Review series.
I come here mostly to share my own MOCs, and discover new designs to use in future builds. And hey, maybe even make some friends.


Welcome to the boards! I’m definitely not the person best suited to greet you, but it’s been two hours and nobody yet, so I figured I might just say something.


Welcome to the boards.

Hi. Most people would give you a warm welcome but there is no warmth within me. I have no happiness.

I can almost feel the edge from here.[quote=“Gasket, post:3309, topic:13”]
Hey, I’m new here. Registered just this afternoon!

Welcome. Hope you have fun here as well

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Well then you’re on the right site, my friend. There’s a lot of that here, and who knows, you might find something else you like here, too!

Anyone have a bandage? I think I accidentally cut myself on that edge.


Thanks for all the kind words guys! Glad to feel welcome here :smile:


Uhm, I should have done this earlier, as I joined about a month ago… anyways, I’m a TFOL from Finland, and I found out about TTV in 2016, probably something to do with G2 rest in pieces. I joined the message boards because I want to talk with fellow Bionicle fans and share my MOCs. And also see what other people in the community have made.

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Happy to have you aboard, ToF!

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Happy to be here!

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I was in a chatroom with the TTV cast back in 2009-2011. I fell down a rabbit hole of nostalgia and found myself here. Tremendously impressed at how this podcast shaped up!