Introduce Yourself!

Hey, we're glad you're here! Introduce yourself, and tell us how you found out about TTV and your favorite show on the channel!


Ohey, you look dumb and I hate you hyuck hyuck


This is going to be great, I can already tell.


Welp, might as well introduce myself. I'm Starparu, and i've been following/friends with TTV since back when it was iBZP. Can't wait to see how this forum's gonna go XD.



Hey TheThreeVirtues, I think you're an awesome dude and I love your videos where you either look at Bionicle's dead body or those times your voice is really weird and you look at the old toys, keep up your good work bringing back Bionicle man, I'm a big fan of yours and I hope I break into the scene with my own videos


Crunchy here. No one knows who I am or what I do really.


hi my name is dar i like bionicles and lego and i think hero factory shouldnt of been made and cancelled bonicle but its coming back maybe? my favrite cahracter is gali but i wish he was a cooler colour like maybe purple?

i watch the three virtues every day and i have a shrine praising my gods tenebrae messonak varderan kahi venom (also that british girl lol stuck_out_tongue) but not the other guy

i hope ttvpower does well and gets lots of help from legoes and greg farcry, but he doesnt like legoes anymore so who knows....

xxx <3 dar


Well, I'm not sure if I should post since everyone should already know me (who wouldn't :stuck_out_tongue: )

hello! I am the awesome, Awesomenessborn!

> everyone: hello (said un-enthusiastically)

I found TTV on reddit 2-3 years ago.

I think I'm done. see ya around :smile:



I'm RG, and you can see about me on BZP. =P


I'm Far and I made Eljay's Epic Quest For Mangosteen! Hi!


I am the Lord of Skull Spiders.


And you are QQQQQ. =P


I'm just an average gamer who <3 's bionicle. oh, and transformers. cant forget transformers. cant stop wont stop tuma fest 2015 and beyond


I am the Dark Alpha Toa Ekorak. I am semi-working on a possible TTV fan series. My favorite show is whatever show Kahi is on.

(Well, Live Pretentiously was great, but I think my favorite series is the podcast it self. Which also has Kahi.)


I'm from Serbia ,Europe ,and i go to art school ,graphic design. Im 17 years old.

I had my first bionicle in 2006 ,but the story (and english language) seemed too complicated for me back then so i always thought Bionicle was just about robots fighting each other for no good reason.

Thanks to my friends in 2008 ,i got into bionicle ,but it was hard to get into a story so many weird names ,plots i cant understand.... i had no idea who is fighting for what and why.

Around a year ago i found a toa inika commercial on youtube and i became nostalgic. I found a factory sealed Toa Jaller on the internet and thats how i became addicted to Bionicle smiley
In just 1 Year i managed to get Irnakk ,Brutaka , most Inika ,Rockoh ,Jetrax and Axalara and some parts.

I found TTV through Bionicle Autopsies (my fav show) and be cause i have to spend hours drawing and being creative for school ,it wasnt hard to listen those super long podcasts.

I always wanted to be a part of the Bionicle community , and thanks to Makuta Fest 2014 i found this place. Really glad i did


I'm Pikminjake.

I make videos where Takanuva is a king of bunnies, Matoro has the soul of a god, and Lesovikk is the ruler of all the Bionicles.

Oh, and TTV is awesome.


Hello, I'm ToaN! I'm a 16 year old Floridian Bionicle fan, Trekkie, Minecrafter, TTV fan, and various other things.

I have been a fan of Bionicle since December 2004, and a fan of The Three Virtues since March 2013, after I saw the BioCraft thread on BZP. I enjoy all their videos, but my favorites are the podcast itself, Autopsy, On Ebay Today (when it was still active. #BringBackEbay!), and Recap Reviews.

Not much else to say! stuck_out_tongue


Hi. I'm Matoro, but you might recognize me better as Trek Video, as that's my Youtube channel I use to comment. My favorite show currently is definitely the recap reviews. My interests besides Bionicle include video games, comics (especially those of the DC variety), and sci-fi. I don't remember exactly how I found the channel, but I think I was looking for a playthrough of Maze of Shadows, and found the one that Eljay and Alena did.


Hello, my name is Eljay. I wear a mask and do a series called Eljay's Recap Reviews. BZP doesn't like me very much, and I'm not sure why. ;(

Also, I direct BioCraft: Chronicles. Which is still happening. I swear.


Dont disappoint us ,Eljay ,you know how angry Bionicle fans can get smiley

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