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I have no slizers feet. What should I do? stuck_out_tongue

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.....Those are about the most common armoring piece use.....

It's hopeless.

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I know I am stuck_out_tongue

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Seriously. Bricklink is great. Should be getting my first shipment soon.


Don't worry, you can always find or make a new technique. smile

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Ok, here's how to use a skrall/vorox armor for a mask. (sorry about the picture quality, my phone forgot how to focus)

You need these pieces (no, I'm not naming them all)

The trans studs are optional.

I don't have anything to say here

Blah blah blah, building.

Look out! Blue pins!

Here comes the actual mask part

Filler text!

If you have a socket for the neck, just replace the hand with a glatorian neck.

Th-th-that's all folks!
No seriously, that's it from me. no more.


So due to boredom, I'm willing to post here again.

So, of my Makuta Horribad MOC, would you rather see me do a how-to for the Arms, or the Torso?



Hm. I believe noone's posted any torso how-to's, So I think I'll post a How-to I made on a custom torso design I made!

Parts you need:

Now then, first, you must assemble the shoulders:

Next comes the main assembly/Spine:

Note: You can use any 3 stud/axle hole long item for it. For the purpose of explaining, I'm using these 2 pieces

Finally, the combination

Note: For the neck, either balljoint or socket connections are fine

comparison between socket and ball joint

Finally a custom example torso( The back can either be an av-matoran torso, or a custom spine, while the front torso may be a nuva chest plate or some sort of custom breast plate


Nice. I might use that for matoran/agori builds.
Edit: I'll give you credit if I post the sometime

wow that's awesome.

Note: Final design might be gappy in the chest area, but it allows for cool shoulder articulation!

Aight, this took a lot of pictures, so you guys better appreciate it. -_-

This is the torso for Makuta Horribad. It is unorthadox, in that it uses sockets for shoulders instead of balls, but don't worry. I have an alternative.

These are all the pieces you'll need for it. I wanna point out, though, that two of the hands can be swapped out for Glatorian Necks, provided you have more 3-long pins.

As you can see, 4-long axles, and both of those oddly-shaped liftarm things.

They're loose ATM, I know. They liftarms become stable the closer we get to completion

Fairly simple.

So yeah, you bascally just gotta stick the other two L liftarms there, and you're golden.

I'm not very clear with this image. But basically, you just slide the liftarm into the right place, and then take a 3-long pin to keep it there.

In case it wasn't obvious, I attached the waist assembly, and then stuck a Metru Armor with two pins in it on top of it.

Images get a little harder to tell at this part

But I think you guys can understand what just happened there

I think it's pretty easy to tell what holes I stuck the pins into.

For the record, this is the small T shaped liftarm

And that's where it goes.

And onto that, you attach the Piraka foot.

And now you should have that.

Now, protip: If you want ball-shoulders instead of socket shoulders, attach the axles holes of Glatorian necks to the 4 long axles used eariler instead of hand pieces. Then, with the pinhole, stick the longer end of a 3-long pin, which will go through both L liftarms, and the Glatorian neck on each side.

It may have been confusing, but I think you guys got it.


Nice, a little tall and skinny for my tastes, but otherwise a very good looking and sturdy torso design.

GREEBLES is cool.

this is awesome! i might use it in a moc if that's okay?

Oh yes, of course.

That's why I posted it here. Simply give due credit, and I'd be more than happy to see you use the design.

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Just built a bionicle moc for the first time in a while, and here's a tip- cover lots. Don't leave many unfilled pin holes. smiley

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This would be a post to place in this topic as opposed to the one here.

But it's a technique and not needed to start.