"Makuta Building Contest" W.I.P.s and Finished Creations Topic

Now that the contest is over I think I'm gonna make some smaller dark souls Mocs, thinking about making Yhorm from dark souls 3 maybe


cool sounds awesome

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I'm going to finally finish my Meltdown remake, and with the parts from Umarak, I'm probably also going to remake Toxic Reapa. Now that I finally got the translucent lower limb bones, all I need to do is get Meltdown's head from storage.


Hmmm. My Makuta's color scheme was based heavily off of G1 Makuta but I replaced much of the red with trans red and the Krika whitish red parts. The body's original concept design/plan revolved around using the ten whitish red parts that I have. The mask was originally going to be a large, black MOUP with possibly a transred circle instead of just black like the rest of the Mask. However that soon changed as I was building it. I thought I was going to have to use Vakama's fire disk as the circle but then had the idea of using the studshooter instead, which worked out far better. I then began creating the mask around said shooter, creating the top half before encountering difficulties with the lower. Then I had the wonderful idea of combining the shape of the MOUP with the Mask of shadows, so after some minor modifications to the top I proceeded to eventually figure out the bottom. So now overall the mask takes aspects of both masks. I wanted a well bulked out character but not to the extent that he was outright tankish/brutish. I wanted him to look both regal and yet still a fighter capable of brawling with the best. Despite some of his flaws I'm overall really pleased with how he turned out.


@Draiknova @Umarak @ComradeWolfie

Wow, I can't believe the mask is getting so much love! I only spent like five minutes on it lol

Anyway, I'm an incredibly noob when it comes to TTV, so I have absolutely no idea where to post pictures of it for a how-to. Can some nice gent here send me a message explaining that?

Figure that this'll be the best place to put it.

Oh, I see. I'll get some more pictures of it as soon as I can.

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Glad to help :slight_smile:

Would some of you mind critiquing the MOC I submitted? I'm still pretty green to building titan scale sets and would love to hear some thoughts on where improvements could be made--even with photography! Thanks!

My Entry:

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On the subject of inspiration, my entry was inspired by JTO Makuta, Teridax's appearance in the Miramax films, and the generic hulking gold-and-purple titan aesthetic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually not too bad. I'd suggest using a one-color background. The easiest way to do that for really large MOCs is a white bedsheet, but for MOCs as small as yours, just a cardboard box with holes cut into it (to allow light to enter) will probably do.

so, when do you think they'll contact people to say they've won the contest?

Probably late September/early October.

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My Makuta entry finally came through! Good luck to all of the entries and may the best Makuta win!



looks cool

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This is easily my favorite picture I took and put into the rebrick entry.

That's what he think of the two other legendary masks.


As much as I'd hate to say it, that MOC should hold broken masks in his hands. Looks cool, and the LOSS head works great as a chest piece.

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  1. how are they broken?

  2. why?

Yes because I would break my only MoC and MoCo to make it look "cooler".


I'm only saying it would look cooler. $6 plus shipping would get you both masks to use for that, just saying.

Also, anyone make a Makuta not using black, purple or red? I wanna see some blue, white, or brown Makutas!

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