The "Work In Progress" Topic

Hey! I can’t believe this wasn’t already a topic Do you like to build with LEGO? Or perhaps Bionicle?

And do you ever find yourself in the middle of a build, and think, I’d like to share my mid-process design with the world, only to find that Work In Progress topics don’t get as much attention as finished ones do?

Well look no further - here you can post your Work In progress pictures for everyone to see without having to dedicate an entire topic to them, so people can give feedback and suggestions to any ongoing build you have!

A couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Try not to post WIP pictures of Mocs that have been completed
    We know that they’re very cool, but with the finished product already in existence, posting the incomplete version doesn’t really accomplish anything.

  • Old WIP pictures are probably not looking for advice
    if a picture is several years old, the author probably doesn’t need a ping talking about all the advice you have for the build. At some point, WIP builds hopefully become finished builds, so keep that in mind when considering who to give advice to.

  • Don’t post WIP pics if you don’t want critique
    Generally speaking, the constructive criticism on the Boards has been very helpful, but if you don’t want any suggestions given or criticisms raised, then don’t post.

  • All TTV Message Boards rules apply
    Specifically, don’t post WIP pictures that violate any of TTV’s rules & guidelines. All of your creations are fine without having to do anything to defy the rules of the site.

Don’t forget to check out the HowTo: MOC Tutorials topic for more designs and tips from builders across the community.


We already got a topic for that.


My apologies, I did not realize. I searched for everything I could think of in relation to Mocing, WIPs, and the like, but evidently that topic eluded my searching.

However it appears as though that topic is not intended for just pictures. Seeing as you are the author, could you explain your intent for it?


I think @Ghid’s topic is different enough from that one since his focuses mainly on pictures while I didn’t see many pictures on the upcoming mocs topic.


There no intent, at all other than my topic is more at the lines of a planning stages of the moc, well this topic is kinda blending the rules on here.

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May as well start using this topic for its intended purpose

Current progress on one of the next bats, Parsley

She still needs another ear, and I’m gonna replace all the old brown pieces with Metru brown… still don’t know what to do with the upper arms though. They’re pretty much the only black pieces on her but I can’t figure out what to replace them with


I would say that these two topics are completely different.

Your topic is for planned MOCs that haven’t even been built yet. It’s for MOC ideas that may or may not become a reality in the future.
While this topic is for WIPs. Unfinished builds in the making that are already real, but haven’t been completed yet. Up to this point there wasn’t any singular topic where people could share them.

Yours and Ghid’s topic serve completely different purposes, so I think that both deserve to stay

Anyways, staying on topic, here’s a very old WIP that’s been around for like three years at this point, and I never really got around to finishing it

It’s my attempt at a combiner team. I’ve always wanted to create a set of builds that can combine into one, and that look good and have decent articulation in both modes. I’ve made several attempts over the years, but this one was the first successful one.

Chest/head area. Since this one doesn’t really serve any structural purpose in the combination, I’ve been able to focus more on the aesthetics

Torso. This is the core of the build that all the other parts attach to, so it had to be the sturdiest, most structurally sound part, so the appearance and structural integrity of the robot mode had to be sacrificed for the sake of a good-looking and solid combine mode. I still like how blocky and and chunky the robot turned out, even if it looks messy.

Arm. Definitely my favourite part. Looks good, has great range of motion and decent stability in both modes

And finally, the combination. I think this is where the build shines. I am pleased with how this transformation does not require any removing or adding parts. Everything is built-in and 100% legit.

Here’s a little edit that I did a while ago to see how the MOC would look when completed:

Unfortunately I lost access to the entirety of my lego collection, including this build, so it’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to complete it like this. But I’ve been thinking of recreating it in and completing it that way, so it still might become a reality at some point. We’ll see…

I legitimately don’t remember if the head piece exists in metru brown or not. As for the ear pieces, they certainly don’t. Perhaps making them dark green or sand green would help, as these are both the colours I’m pretty sure that part exists in…


A metru brown Rahkshi head came with Pouks, but good point about the ears. I’ll have to Bricklink those.

And as for your combiner, I think what’s there of it looks wonderful! And somehow torso guy’s actually my favourite. Just very chunky and I love the enormous turntable gauntlets


Hoo boy is that cool

I’m a sucker for combining robots and that looks really sick, can’t wait to see it when it’s done


Ayyy he finally posted it :partying_face:

This is honestly fair. I was considering potentially closing this topic to not conflict with the existing one, but this way they both have unique purposes on the site.


I built this with the intent of entering it in the large category of the DuckBricks Rahi contest only for all my motivation to disappear while trying to construct a body for it. I’m really proud of this head design and will probably try to finish it at some point but for the time being I have no idea how to proceed with this. If any of y’all got any suggestions for what I could try with the body I’d be happy to hear them.


I’m working on this guy for the Iliad lava rahi contest

if any of y’all have suggestions or feedback, please tell me!


That makes two of us :goo:

I like the look overall, but I think it’s a bit difficult to tell the creature apart from the rider. I initially thought the second picture was of a dude with one long arm and one short arm, not realising the “long arm” was the thing’s head and the Miru belonged to a separate entity


more progress

you see I would change it but those are the only mctoran parts I have


This wip goes hard feel free to screenshot


Here’s a largely aimless WIP from my camera roll

It was gonna be some kind of undead shaman or something. It will either be radically redesigned or completely disassembled and forgotten


Looks like a pre-mutation Krika


I think you should keep him together, he looks really cool

I particularly like the use of unusual parts like the glitter Avohkiis and Krika blades

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I think If you were just to remove the lower body section and use a custom torso maybe something using newer pieces to make a rib cage?