What are your planned upcoming MOCS?

Well I been MOCing lating so what is everyone's upcoming Mocs

For my are Toa Nidhiki,4 remaining Toa Hagah,Toa Metru as Matoran,Av-Matoran Takua,Rebuild Matoran,Powerless Matoran, '01 Version Turaga Lhikan,Some BOM Members,Some OOMN Members,'04 Version Turaga Jovan, & others.


Um i plan making an update to Darth and now Necron. I also have a nameless Toa of air i plan on posting soon. I also have a few other idea's I'm going to start next month but I'm not sure how long It'll take them to get to the boards.

I'm planning to make 3 Matoran (2 of Ice and 1 of Shadow), a Ko-Toa, and a Rahi Krownkiwongi.

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I plan on giving my self MOC a matoran helper


I'm working on a team of five Toa and I plan on releasing them all at the same time.

I have a quite grandiose plan: I am doing the Trodax clan, which has 56 members. Now, I shrunk down this to about 40, but my next one in plan is "the Sin of Everybody". After that, I think I'll complete the triad of the Fire (Fire, Electricity, Fear).

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Currently, to complete the revamped Toa Vihagu (2 of which are built already), a couple of Matoran, some more varieties of my enemy race, a corrupted Toa of Jungle, the "shadow" of sorts to my selfMOC (possibly a "light side" as well, still working that out), a revamp of Fayni, and, furthest down the line, my own take on the Destroyer archetype.

So yeah. I have plans.

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Me, need one more part.

What if I told you I have a fully functional lion moc in the works?


I've wanted to make a black and gold takutanuva for a long time. maybe eventually I"ll get the pieces.

vernah, and maybe varo

I've devised a brick-built mask of light that looks very accurate to the real thing. Expect a Takanuva revamp in the future.


I've been busy for a year with my self moc, only one I've been working on.

I've actually planned on making a moc of Lewa using only pieces from 2015 and 2016 Lewa, nothing extra.

I am planning on posting my long-awaited self MOC, even though nobody's waiting for it, I just put off making one for a while.
I'm also working on a buttload of hero factory MOCs.
And a Bara Manga agori scientist's caravan based off John Blanche's war bands.

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I'm eventually goig to try to make the aerialbots. Right now I'm working on Warpath.

I have had this idea for a duo of mocs i´ll call hypothesis and antithesis. The names represent the build process. hypothesis being entirely experimental with unorthodox proportions. Antithesis will be hypothesis´s opposite and be as generic and boring as possible.

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I plan to do a rib head for all 6 elements

A moc that began as a Berix revamp, then a Falcon moc, and eventually became my secondary Self moc.
I need to take pictures, but I'm done otherwise.

I'm working on the Living Fear. Roite nao.

Well I'm putting my MOC Krusty Krabs and other LEGO SpongeBob Projects on hold, but I am making a MOC Fantastic Four's Fantasticar, Dr. Octopus' Metal Arms Pack, Green Goblin's Glider, MOC HF's final forms, Lord Vladek's EVIL Lair Castle.