Hoxuak (WIP)

So here is my latest WIP. I'm not quite sure what to do for his arms. I have some ideas that I've played around with, but nothing concrete yet. But I am open to suggestions!

His eye is the trans-orange Barraki eye, apologies if it's difficult to see.

His legs look pretty bare from the back, particularly the CCBS limbs. The back of his feet are also pretty bare, so I'll be trying to fill those up.

Any criticisms and suggestions are welcome! To learn more about his character, click here.


Preety neeto (bit of slender man i suppose?)

Only thing that bugs me is the head... its heka mehhish! I suppose ,since this is experimental moc, you could try making custom head? stuck_out_tongue

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I haven't thought about making a custom head for this guy, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Anything that I would have said, you already did. smile I would maybe give him a green eye instead?

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Awesome! I really like the use of the Kalmah head to have a beard.

I would suggest not adding any arms at all and add some horns onto it or something. Perhaps he just charges at enemies and just doesn't need arms? It'll certainly be unique.


I was thinking a bout mentioning this earlier but this moc looks very similar to one I've seen on mocpages. The other moc is red and black, has no arms and has horns.

Something along the lines of this would be cool. It would fit with the long legs as well as the tentacles on his back

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@Stoax Thanks! From the suggestions I've already received he should be completed fairly soon. smiley

@CaptRanakiPakewa I'll need to get one of those green eyes. The only colours I have are red, orange and blue, though I'll try to get some more.

@Studentscissors Thanks! It wasn't really supposed to be a beard, but I guess that also works. stuck_out_tongue

@RaggedClaws Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm pretty sure that I want him to have arms. I also don't think that horns would suit him since he already has tendrils spewing out of his back.

@Rockho I did have something like that in mind, though the way you've showed looks even better. Thanks!

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You should use some strange triple jointed arms on this MOC

Those sound pretty difficult to pull off, but I'll definitely see how it looks. Thanks!

Why am I reminded of the alien from Independence Day when it trashes the lab in Area 51? stuck_out_tongue

The tentacles!