Human skeleton MOC

I always thought the makuta tridax pod is good for making a skeleton…

RIP trying to get the golden mask he died in a cave, undiscovered util now
So here we are back with a MOC! I made it grey with silver, as it is the only color I could have the tridax pod and the skull and u don’t think how many others, also,I think a skull grinder’s skull would been better, but I don’t have any of those. It has all the articulation the human body has (I think) except the spine, which I didn’t find any good way for it to move. Thanks for viewing ,CC are appreciated.


Cool MOC! Something you could see hanging out in the background of a cave or something.

I might take that kind of picture, nice idea,thanks

Not a bad skeleton design, the Makuta pods always did look like ribs.

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Nice moc, altHough it would look better with all bone limbs.

Yeah, but I don’t have enough

Ah I see. Although, they are not very hard to find.

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