Humanoid Snake Mage

Hey everyone! How’s it going. Sorry for the increase in inactivity, school started and I am writing this post from a mound of homework.

Anyways here’s a new MOC for you all to enjoy:

<imgsrc="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/c/3/c395151b16e3413b6953c1827347e4e8b26dd617.JPG" width=“375” height=“500”>

(Pictures out of order sorry)

Let me know what you think of this sort of humanoid snake mage thing int eh comments. Thanks!


The head is kinda iffy and the way the tail connects to the torso is pretty thin as well as the tail itself.

“Humanoid snake” those are usually called lamia.
Oh and the color scheme is really dull for a snake, very poisonous animals usually have bright colors to signify their danger to predators.


Thank you. Tried to thicken it a bit but it looked weird, also limited pieces so i couldn’t do much about that.

does it have a face i can’t


Need better photo’s, too focused on random pieces to get the general sense of what is what. I think i can tell a tail and arms, and potentially a head Necormorph style face… but its a bit jumbled.


I’ll try to fix that in my next post thanks.