Humans turned into Bionicles

So A little bit ago, I made a MOC I named Fire beast that I posted on DA

Fire beast by Blackironalchemist on deviantART

The idea behind this concept is that a human was mutated into a bionicle via hordika venom and protodermis.I am curious to see what you guys think of this concept.

– update –

Here is some pictures I took recently

This is me when I stand up straight.

So yeah, I did add an addition to the MOC a little bit ago. The new part is a mount for a mask on my tail. This allows me to put on a mask and if it has a power, I can access it to a lesser degree. But if I put on a Krana, I can communicate with it and access it’s power if it allows it.

One concept that has been with the MOC is scorpion stance. Although it may seem like the Krana or mask is vulnerable, the mount keeps them locked in place.


Man, Glatorian are about the closest thing to humans I want to see in my BONKLES.


^^this right here^^

Unless you’re talking about building MOCs of actual humans not related to BIONICLE.

This concept is from a story perspective, not a MOC perspective.