Hunger Games 3 Part 1 the Movie Review

Sometimes, you let other people do the planning for a social gathering. My first mistake.
The original plan was to see Big Hero 6, a good movie. However, because literally everyone but one person bailed, her and I went and saw that hunger games movie because we were both late.

I can summarise this whole movie in 8 seconds.
The original book series had three books. But now, for the sake of money, we have movie adaptations being split in half all over the base. It's worse than DLC.

The movie in question however was awful. Not because of bad acting or plot, but because it was just a boring movie. It was like watching the daily life of Kristen Stewart in an underground bunker.
The music was bland, the characters where boring, the plot could have EASILY been cut down so there wouldn't need to be two parts.

Yes, this is a biased review, but it's true. It's awful and I should've seen transformers 4, but the theatre wasn't showing it. I've had two things I learned long ago reinforced today: Never go outside, never depend on other people. Both will only dissapoint you. I guess that's the moral here actually, dissapointment is the most common thing you can get out of life if you trust people too much.


This is one of the many reasons why I advise people to just read the books instead.

The next one should be better, having all the action. The first two had the games themselves, but this just felt like an intermediary, no excitement of its own. It seemed like a movie about a character going from one battle toward another, a bridge between two action-packed battles.
And yes, I've seen it, and I read the books.

Also, another complaint: those peacekeepers were really poor shots.


So, there's a rule of thumb I try to live by: When watching a movie based on a book, treat the movie like it's own separate entity.

Basically, I try my absolute best to ignore the book entirely. Even if the movie makes me super mad because of inconsistencies and such, in the end, I go over it like there was never a book for it. Like it's a reboot or a separate universe.


Me too, but it can go the other way. If a movie is "good" just because of the book it was based on, it's not a good stand-alone.

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So, the movie was horrible?
But I thought It'd be more like book 3 itself... frowning[/Spoiler]

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It's just the first half. No action, just boring talking. Infact I think this movie has more boring-talk than the phantom menace.

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I have heard that this movie is......less than standard. I guess my sources were accurate. Wasn't planning on seeing it anyway, because I never saw the second, but now .....just no.

But the dam scene was nice.

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Okay, I just listened to The Hanging Tree, and it was HORRIBLE!
Come on, Warner, you pull this off with a terrible soundtrack, and then have J. Law's voice sound ATROCIOUS!?!?!
Ya' know, why have LORDE do the soundtrack if you could get a better musician?!!

It sounded fine in the movie, but the remix version playing on the radio is laughable.

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Just watched the movie, and if you really hate the fact that the protags sit around and talk, then I'm the only boring one here.
Otherwise, the trailer for Insurgent if so terribad and nowhere near the actual plot that I cried! frowning

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