Hungering Storm (Bio-Cup 2022 Round 1 Kaiju - Elemental)

Storm’s a brewin. Best not be in it’s way.

A living tornado monster.

Got the elemental category and really didn’t want to do something traditional with it (big fire/ice/water monster) due to not having a ton of pieces for the job. Ended up settling on this guy after a while; I had recently been experimenting with CCBS bone spam and wanted to make use of it. Wish I had more translucent antennas to hold trees in the air but alas. Not really expecting to move to the next round with it due to the size and simplicity but I had a ton of fun building it!

Additional Photos:
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Comments and constructive criticism welcome as always!


It’s really simple but so well executed!

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oh cooollll
that is a great use of parts!

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ah this moc is pretty good. There’s some really neat parts usage.

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this made me crack-up when i saw it, nice build

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Strange, a living tornado is exactly what I expected.

great use of CCBS limbos!


This build has so much character and I really appreciate it. The parts spam is incredibly effective, as it really evokes the chaotic pattern of a big twister. And the way the face blends in is seamless. The build for the microscale farm and forest is the cherry on top. It adds a fantastic array of colors to compliment the main build and creates a memorable scene.


Really neat!

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Thanks! Pretty sure the simplicity burned me in the end but I’m still happy with the build as a whole.

Other than the CCBS limbs I’m not really sure what other nice part usages I slipped in, but thanks guys!

Thanks haha, I decided to lean into the comical a bit once I realized the direction it was going. Glad it got a chuckle out of you!

Fair enough haha. Thanks!

Thank you so much! I’ve really been trying to push a lot of character into my builds lately, so I’m glad it’s coming through. Also happy that the colors of the scenery helped in breaking up the grey blob that is the centerpiece, that was the initial intention. Thanks again for such a thoughtful well written comment, always means a lot!

Thank you!


ye that’s what I meant

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