Hunted: A text based BIONICLE adventure

About a year after the reformation of Spherus Magna, the intelligent Vorox from Bota Magna, led by Kabrua, have been raiding the Agori and matoran villages because of the poor treatment of the Bara Magna Vorox. Vulcanus was completely destroyed, and Roxtus was sacked several times. The Vorox routinely captured and hunted down Glatorian, Agori, Matoran, and Toa for sport.

The way this game will work is i will present a question, you guys will vote on what to do, and it will basically just go on like that.
Voting will end whenever i feel like it, so vote fast!

First vote:
What species should our hero be?
1: Toa
5:Other (Please specify)

I vote agori.

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I vote Glatorian.

Vote 1.

1: toa

5.Makuta. It should be Miserix or alt. Teridax.

Oh dont worry, i have something planned.

  1. Toa


Filler text

  1. Make him Skakdi, because I said so...



What should our heros name be?
1 Celix
2 Captain Longshoreman
3 Mahau
4 Barnacle Bob
5 The liberator
four people will enter in names, then we will vote on them.


Captain Longshoreman!


Barnacle Bob!

Okay, now we can vote on the names.

Captain Longshoreman FTW!

It's an inside joke BTW

Celix. I like the name.


Yeah, I pick the liberator, please?

Liberator Liberate!

I vote Liberator