Hunting On eBay (The Good Stuff)

Look, I know there is a topic on eBay stuff, but that topic was created to parody ‘On eBay Today’ as well as show off some of the lesser quality stuff people on eBay has to show. This topic is made to show off some good things to come from eBay and epic pics to look into. There’s a lot of collector’s out there who sell or browse on eBay and it’d be epic if we’d help each other out in case someone is looking for a specific buy.

(I’d understand if this topic gets canned, on account of the other one, but once again that topic was made to show the hilarious and embarrassing sales.)

I’ll start us off with a Nostalgic sale someone is currently selling (Canadian pricing by the way) for the Tarakava, seems to be a good price for this older kit that seems to be in it’s box. The packaging seems to be beat up, but fair given it’s a 15 year old toy.

Happy Hunting.

I found this, is extremely expensive, but, whatevs. :stuck_out_tongue:
In US dollars


That would seriously be worth it, the guy has enough sets for 3 kardas dragons, so much want.


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the last one is so good but so expensive.


This isn’t eBay, but…

It’s 45%; $54.99. If you haven’t picked up Benny’s Spaceship, now’s your best chance.