Hutere, Tukar of Courage, V5 (Self-Moc)

Hutere V5, I think.
He’s pretty similar to V2, but with some updates to his armour.
I also moved to a new picture taking area, so I hope the picture quality is better.:slight_smile:

I hope you like it, and constructive criticism is encouraged!


Doesn’t look that different. But still thumbs up.

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Pretty good for a simple build, but I like it. Keep it up!


Looks cool!

The proportions are a bit too lanky and seem a little odd. The hands on the waist skirt also look strange.

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Looking better all round. Not sure about the sockets attached to the torso free-standing though. Also, those skinny thighs. You’de be better off using a different armor piece or making them custom so you can round them out a bit more.

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