Hutere V4, Self-Moc

This is Hutere V4. I tried for a more Knight and Samurai-ish look this time, and I hope you like it.
Also, this is a combination of his Tukar and Toa forms, so that’s why there’s so little green.

Constructive criticism encouraged, as always.:goat::water_buffalo::grinning:


Gold Overload

I wish some of the gold fit with the rest. And the Silvers

Thighs and armor at the waist and lower legs could use work. Why use that piece for the forearms if it limits movement(unless you got spare parts)?

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-I think that the gold is too, much, and that black, silver, green, and gold is too many colours
-I think you should take out either the gold or the silver, and add more green
-Maybe clean up the lower legs, waist, and thighs. they look unintentionally messy
-in the pictures, the av-matoran head looks off compared to the head, but that may not apply in person

However, i do like the back and weapon storage, as well as the metru-feet torso


sashimono or it didn’t happen

Agree with the others, there is a bit much gold on this, especially if it’s meant to be a Toa of Air. Cut back the amount of gold, increase the amount of lime or introduce another shade of green. You could probably stand to get rid of the silver entirely, it doesn’t do much for the MOC.

The shins look awkward and I really can’t make sense of the back view at all. Those claw pieces on his back should probably me moved to be his regular upper arm armor.

Bit clunky, maybe try slimming him down.

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OOooo, Gold, green, black, and silver isn’t a color combination we see often. I like using the metru-feet as shoulder plates. I would like to see a bit more green, seeing as how you are a Toa of Air. I like the custom leg design, but it could use some fine-tuning. Really the only thing I dislike is the use of the gold Brutaka daggers on the lower abdomen. I don’t know what I would replace them with, but they just don’t look right to me.


Great job! :slight_smile: I thought the gold was burnt orange at first, lol.


Those colors are all over the place.

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I’m not changing my name, but I will change the name of this moc.
He isn’t a Toa, if you want to see his Toa form, it’s a while back.
This is a combination of his Tukar and Toa forms.
A Tukar is basically an amped up Toa.
Oh, and the Brutaka daggers represent a waistcape.

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The build is decent, but the exposed pins and the super-long skirt armor detract. There are too many shades of gold and the silver should be removed entirely at this point.

Also, too much gold. Needs more green. There are literally 6 silver pieces and 9 lime green pieces on this entire MOC. None of which are very prominent besides the mask.

And, as @Brunamal said, it’s a bit boxy and crowded in the upper leg section.