Hutere V6, He's a Toa Again

Welp, the title pretty much explains it.

I hope you like him!


The angles are a bit weird, can’t see the full model very well
He looks incredibly short


He’s the same height as before.
I’ll get another picture up, but it’ll be lower quality.

He needs a normal front shot, not some fancy pose


I updated it.

Looks good, but the lower arms are too long.

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He has the Inika arms syndrome…yep.

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The torso is a bit big for the limbs, if you could make some larger, bulkier, more custom limbs. it would be great.


If I were you, I’d work on proportions first. His legs are too short, arms too long, and his torso is literally a T. For V6 of something, I would expect more…how do I put this without coming across as rude…effort. Take your time, and don’t rush something, as this appears to be that.


I like it. The custom torso may needs some working, but is appriciated, and I enjoy that this is a simple, but effective Inika build.

EDIT: Sorry about that. Looked like a larger size Inika build. I think it’s because of the parts used in it.

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Thanks, but it isn’t an Inika build…
@Saxton, I agree about the arms and legs, and I understand how you were trying to not come off as rude, but for future reference, it kinda did sound it. Also, I guess I was a bit rushed, I said I would have him finished yesterday, and, well, I didn’t.
And the torso is a ccbs torso, the armour is a T, which no one has had a problem with for the last five versions, and has kinda become a mainstay of his build.

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I think it does need to be mentioned that a new version of him comes out more than once a month and it always seems like the exact same thing with a couple minor armor changes.

These are more variations, than versions.

I’ll make sure V7 is more meaningful…

That’s another thing. It seems like you want to make new versions of him for the sake of it.

I only revamp a MOC when I think there is actual reason behind it besides being able to make a new topic.

All I really see here is Hutere V5 with changes that give you an excuse to make a new topic, which really doesn’t seem necessary.


I wanted to try out a new camera, too, along with a different thigh build.
I guess he’s kind of my test subject for that kind of thing.

Then maybe make this a photoshoot topic rather than a MOC topic?

This is the kind of thing you should post in the V5 topic, since it is really just an edit to an existing form.


When you make a new version it should be for an overhaul really. Basically, some part of a Moc bothers you, like say something on the Moc doesn’t look good or such. You revamp it to fix all the old problems and improve on the previous versions not change some parts.

I’ve been doing this with some of the Mocs where they don’t really stand out or such so I try to make them from the ground up while still being the same Moc, do I sound incoherent and crazy? its 3:30 AM I’m sorry I’ll stop my rambling now.


nice. i like it :smiley:

He’s really just a standard Inika build, the cape is pretty eh, his colours are just the same as Lewa Nuva 2008, and his arms are incredibly long with his legs being much shorter.

3.5/10, maybe try making him a bit more unique.


He’s not an Inika build.
I will repeat for the hundredth time, he I a modified ccbs torso.
I see where the other stuff is coming from, though.

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