Hyde, the Groykudan warrior

just another of one of my creations,he is one of the more cruddy ones in my opinion,but still feels good. he does use the Rakshi head,but isn’t a Rakshi, he is part of a species in my story called Groykuda. if y’all have questions about his past or his story in general,go ahead and ask.


What is his story bromando

The waist seems to be rather wide, im not a huge fan of the legs; it feels like a G1 Umarak leg design.
Aside from that, colors is rather decent-

The textures don’t flow well together, but there are some small details that look nice, such as the small cape thing and the shield. They really could be executed better.

the story of hyde is pretty crazy. to begin, he is part of the genetically engineered and reproduced groykuda species,kuda that have become savage beings. He is the ONLY of his kind to have a free will and conscious, making him diffrent from his brothers and sisters. But he wasnt always like this,he only started gaining it after seeing alot of his brothers and sisters murdered. he was also sadly only kept for breeding purposes and as an “executioner” of those brothers and sisters of his. However that changed when there was the raid of Veron Sither, Rotis Thatcher, and Phota Thatcher. Veron saw the free thinking and fearful Hyde,and was ready to shoot him,as his brothers and sisters caused the war he was in. However, when veron saw this fear in his eyes, and decided to spare him. After the war ended, Hyde escaped to the forests,where he found a pet he named kipe, he found himself in a strange village,the people of it welcomed him,and after fighting its evil dictatorial leader and killing him, he was awarded the chance to forge armor,hence why its kinda crappy,another hardcore note though,those claws on his arms are actually his claws he had ripped out,a way to show he wont be opressed anymore. yea my stories are brutal,but i like a brutal story. Thanks for asking @squeaverking

Thank you @squeaverking

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Woah, that’s pretty dark, duderino.

Cool moc and story nevertheless, I like seeing your work.