Hydruka Reef

Hydruka Reef

So I wanted to do a Coral Reef design and I created this, the Hydruka Reef!

Here’s a spinning version, there’s a higher quality version on my instagram page (not sure if I’m allowed to advertise it or not), I had to make it smaller to fit on the boards. The 360 view took about 2 hours to render on stud.io’s low-medium settings using the eyesight render.

Here you can see some details like the clam and some of the horn corals and sea/air weeds. I know this is a smaller moc than normal but it was a fun build to do. Some of the parts aren’t available in real life but substitutes do exist.

Comments and criticism is welcome as always! :smile: smile


maybe you should rotate the red pieces on the hydruka legs 90o and attach the exoforce arms upside down

Other than that a well done seabed


It’s a little bit messy for a seabed. The terrain is a plate and two BURPs, with some loose brick to fill the gaps.A lot of the marine life is cluttered, and immediately contrasted by the suddenly mostly bare baseplate where the Hydruka rests.

The coral itself is nice, wiith good colour choices even if the render makes them a bit muted. But most of it is one or two pieces when, using Stud.io as you appear to have given the render, there are millions of new colour palettes available digitally that could not exist physically. The parts selection just seems… limited when the digital alndscape opens up many more options.

Nice Hydruka btw.


I am not sure how I feel about the hydruka, but the landscape looks great!

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I love the Hydruka Reef.

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@Darknova3529 @Ghid @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister
Thank you!

To answer your comments,
The changes to the Hydruka legs would make it look less so like the set, the arms mirror the Metrutoran pieces on the Hydruka, rotating the red pieces would cause it to lose stability and also look less like the set.

This was my first attempt at a coral seabed so there are some bits that may look weird, I wanted all of it to fit onto the baseplate so the terrain isn’t incredibly complex. Given that there’s a lot of airweed around Mahri Nui, I wanted to focus on that a bit so that’s why there’s a lot of green.


M8, this looks mega D:
I love Mahri Nui and anything that has to do with the location. This is a brilliant (if not just a little messy) model for it, and can definitely be seen as part of the environment. Hydruka looks great, and the attention that’s been put into detailing of the reef is clearly outstanding.

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I took a bit of inspiration from your recent artwork. I might do some more based on it honestly.

Well, you can count me honored. This is beautiful and I’m glad that my artwork was inspirational enough for you. C:

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