Hydruka - Sport of Mahri Nui

Yes, I could imagine some Plesiosaurs swimming around, however, I would like to keep Hydruka the same size as their G1 counterparts. Maybe add some fins to them, so they can swim better.

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Maybe the hydrukas in the other pitch could be genetically modified or somthin.

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I get that. Could be a sub-species or something, like a Hydruka and a Giant Hydruka, or something. As for fins, I could totally see that as well (not for the giant variant, but the smaller ones).

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Hey! Please, continue the suggestions.

I’ve had an idea: instead of staffs, the players would have guns that can catch the air bubble and launch it in a certain direction.

This would Greatly improve the pacing, as water movement is rather slow and it would be difficult to play with large staffs.

It would be more similar to Metru Nui’s akilini, and would be more original among arthakan sports.

Please, leave your opinions!


While that does sound really cool, I think that would stun, injure, or kill the player it comes into contact with, depending on how much force is behind it.

In real biology, the pistol shrimp can generate a powerful cavitation bubble that can do exactly the same effects I’ve listed, although the pistol shrimp can send it at blinding speeds.

What if it was balanced in a small pocket beneath the belly of the mounts in the game?

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Interesting suggestion, I have never thought that a bubble of air could kill somebody.

Your solution is interesting, but has one problem. How would other players get the bubble from the basket and take it themselves?


They could obstruct the player in possession and cause the Rahi to turn, so that the bubble begins to rise. Then, another player could catch it.


Alright, I brainstormed for a bit.

I thought of how the Hydruka would actually lolok, and I’ve come up with something between a Manta Ray and a Manatee.

I still think we should swap the staffs for the “bubble-launchers.” I do not think the bubble would travel very fast, or very far, 20 metres at best.
I don’t think it would be deadly, I believe we missunderstood each other. I wrote “gun” but I really thought of smmething like Zamor launchers.

A bubble traveling that slow would not be harmful in my opinion.

As for the rules:

Maybe when someone catches the bubble into the bubble launcher, they can only carry it for a short while, (3-5 seconds?) before they’ll have to launch it in a certain direction.

The bubble would naturally rise up, so it would be difficult to score into the goal gates at the bottom.



Regarding Hydruka Rahi’s appearance; I could see this sub-species having this anatomy, only altered to be closer to what you’re talking about.

Regarding bubble-launchers: totally agree, 100%. One question would be this: how would the bubble not break apart?

Regarding rules: I personally don’t think there should be a time limit. I think that the player that bursts the bubble should be penalized.

The goals should be halfway up, in my opinion. That would help make scoring more possible.

I like the anatomy you’ve sent.

Regarding the bubble: Yeah, well. I was wondering about that since the beginning.
I guess we could go with cartoon logic here and just let it slip, otherwise I don’t know how we can make an air-bubble stronger.

If there is no limit, what point would there be to shoot it elsewhere than directly into the gate? How would any other player have a chance to sieze the bubble? Having a time limit, all players would get a chance every 5 or so seconds to get the bubble and shoot it somewhere.

About the gate height, I agree. How about some… 50 metres from the ground? Maybe less? 30? And how wide would they be apart? Would there be only one gate?

I originaly imagined that the bubble could wander somewhere dangerous, forcing the players to chase it. (A bit like the dragon test from the Goblet of Fire, where harry leaves the arena and the dragon follows)

Maybe, so it is more chaotic, the goal-gate could randomly move, or move in large circles.

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Regarding the bubble: Maybe there’s a thick layer of Hydruka saliva preventing it from popping or bursting.

Regarding the time limit: fair point.

Regarding gate height: there could be multiple gates/hoops. There could be three hoops at different heights. The highest one (50 m) could be 1 point, the middle (30 m) could be 2, and the lowest (10 m) could be 3.

Regarding bounds: not too far, since the audience actually needs to see what’s happening.

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I haven’t been following this pitch much, but bubbles underwater wouldn’t pop at all. The surrounding water would keep it from rupturing. The only way it breaks it by reaching the surface.

If these bubbles were in air and not water, then they could be made from a more viscous material. A normal bubble has a film of water or soap which is too weak. But something thicker like a syrup or resin wouldn’t rupture as easily. Coming from an animal, it would probably be a mucous.


What about breaking into smaller bubbles?

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I don’t think bubble work like that. A bubble can split into two, but that’s from it’s membrane pinching together and sectioning off the air. A burst bubble has no way of recapturing the air as other bubbles.


If that’s the case, we don’t need to worry too much about bubbles bursting, then :slight_smile:

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@AntrozT6, @UltimateMustacheX, and @Bokarda.


This looks to be at a very small scale of bubble, and using high pressure/heat. Since this will likely not come into play with this pitch, it can be assumed that the bubble would not pop underwater, especially if they are decent sized bubbles.


Huh… the more you know :rainbow::sparkles:

@UltimateMustacheX: Depends on how deep underwater the game is.


Well, deep.

It’s on the ocean floor, so at least a kilometre, if not more.


Oh, that’s… horrifying to think about…internal :scream: commences.