Hyena Topic

Ah, yes, everyone’s favorite misunderstood, bone-cracking, clan living, Feliformias’. I am of course talking about the interesting, stereotyped, small family of Carnivora I like to call some of my favorite animals, and hopefully some of you too. Too bad :hyena: isn’t an emoticon though :stuck_out_tongue:


I… question the need for a topic on one of every specific animal


I question: why not?

I’d say more, nut I can barely ype ATM.

Well, I’m giving them a whole topic because they are not just one species of animal.

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I blame Disney :angry:

Also, apparently they have a bite strong enough to break and crush bones. Take that lions.


Yes, Disney’s always to blame for Hyena stereotyping, like the movie Jaws and sharks

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As for land scavengers, I prefer Tasmanian Devils.

I know for some facts about Hyenas like they make their own butter.