I am a Cyborg!

Not much to this I’m a cyborg and that it. Plus if you are wandering what the concept is there is no concept I just simply got carried away with my CCBS Legos and this happened.


Oh, fancy!

This is really cool. Wish we could see a closer look at the hand build.

That robo-eyeball is the best part - creepy even!

Pretty nifty, the head component is probably the best part.

Wow! That’s really cool. All you need now is a motorcycle jacket and dark sunglasses.

Edgy pose with rilfe.


We need to find john Conner!

Uh that would be a bit hard being that I don’t have ears. :ear:

Thanks, but just to let you know it’s not a rifle it’s a BB gun.

This is awesome!

We have a new melding between man and machine-molded plastic.

Should the topic be moved? To artwork?

On a side note, this looks purely amazing.

Reminds me of Deadshot. Nice job!

No. it is a lego moc, worn by a person. Same thing as a lego Gauntlet or a working full size lego rifle.

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