I am allowing my 3D printed Mask of Rebounding in the G1 Canonization Contests

Hey there! I was incredibly happy to hear about the Bionicle G1 Canonization contests. Part of the rules stipulate that 3D printed pieces will only be allowed if the creator of the piece puts his STL up for free and announces that he publicly allows his piece to be used in the competition. So, I’m announcing publicly that anything I make is more than welcome to be used in the canon contests. Now, what have I made? Not much.

Four years ago in High School, I 3D modeled my interpretation of the Mask of Rebounding, one of those background masks Boneseiii got canonized. back in the day.

Now, do I realize that none of the characters currently in the contest roster use the Mask of Rebounding? Yeah. That’s why I’m also going to be letting any other masks I end up making be usable in the contests too. I just thought I’d open up talking about my Mask of Rebounding, seeing as it’s my only design atm.

Funny story while I’m still here, I wasn’t even gonna allow my mask at all, but out of curiosity I looked at the sale’s records for my mask, and surprisingly my highest selling year was last year, three whole years after I posted the thing back in '16. So, someone must like it, I guess.

So, good luck to everyone out there participating in the canonization contests, I can’t wait to finally see what Helryx and the rest of the gang look like after over a decade of waiting.

Link to my Mask of Rebounding on Shapeways

Original Comic Appearance

My model, the only kanohi I am aware of that I think makes proper use of the Av-Toran head’s light piping.

Oh, and I realize that the ‘mouth’ isn’t that accurate to the comic’s presentation, and it bothers me too. Still, this was my second ever model in Inventor, the rat’s nest of new planes and sweeps I made for this gave me a headache at the time. Thing took me two months to model. I’m sure if I was to model it now, I could make it more accurate, in just a matter of hours. In fact, I might just do that.

(also, I’m very sorry if I put this post in the wrong forum. I’ve never posted to the TTV message boards before now, at least to my knowledge, so I just put this post in the same forum that the G1 Canon Contest Rules topic is in.)


Just to help you out, I’m gonna tag @cast, to make sure the hosts see it.

Thanks for contributing man/woman!

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Hey, thanks, dude!

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The mask looks cool, but where’s the thingiverse link?

Hey, sorry, man. Did we have to post our pieces to Thingiverse specifically? If it’s the STL of the kanohi you’re after, I have it enabled so that you can download the STL of the model directly off of the Shapeways page. I can always upload the STL to Thingiverse if you need it to be there specifically. I’m just wondering if it’s part of the formal process of getting the piece allowed in the contest.

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Ah. I didn’t see that. The rules just state the you have to give the download file for the mask or weapon so anyone can make it physically or use the 3d model in a 3d moc.

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Looks great! I look forward to seeing it in the contests!

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